How to install Firefox extensions on your Android

nstall Firefox extensions on your Android

Mozilla’s browser is one of the best alternatives to Chrome. While it is true that Google’s solution has a much higher user base, Firefox for Android is gradually becoming a compelling rival.

This web browser does not stop receiving updates to improve its usability. And now, the Mozilla team just announced that they will be releasing Firefox 85 very soon.

Its main novelty? You can install extensions through the Firefox add-ons website. In this way, it will be more convenient than ever to add improvements to this browser. Also, the process is very simple, as you will see later.

How to install Firefox extensions on Android using the browser

Indeed, you can already install Firefox extensions on Android, but now you can do it directly by accessing the browser. Of course, you must have version 85 of Firefox, and it has not yet been officially released.

In this way, the first thing you should do is download the app in APK format through the following link. The source is APKMirror, a reference portal in the sector. Also, we have verified that the file is not malicious, so you can download it without any fear.

download the app in APK format

Once you have downloaded and installed Firefox 85 on your Android, the next step will be to access the official Mozilla add-on page, available through the following link. You will see that a list appears with the available extensions, in addition to being able to perform a search in the upper bar.

Select the Firefox extension that interests you and click Add to Firefox. A new window will pop up asking if you want to add the add-on in your browser, in addition to the permissions it needs.

Once you accept, you will see that a new message appears indicating that the extension has been installed correctly. You just have to select if you want it to be used in private browsing mode (the incognito of a lifetime), and give it to Vale, got it.

As you can see, the process is very simple. Although there are indeed few extensions available today, Mozilla will gradually expand the catalog of add-ons for Firefox on Android.

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