How to register and install your digital certificate on Android

register and install your digital certificate on Android

Having your digital certificate is increasingly important when carrying out procedures, especially in Spain where it has become quite common. Not only is it a very safe identification method, but it will save you many trips to public offices and others to do management that you can do from home.

In addition, it is such a versatile document that you can carry it without problem on your mobile. Yes, you can carry out procedures from anywhere in the world without even picking up your computer. However, for your mobile to use your certificate you must install it first and that is exactly what we will teach you today. Learn how to install and use the digital certificate on Android, forget about visiting offices and carry out many tasks from home. Prepared?

What is a digital certificate and why is it important?

What is a digital certificate and why is it important

A digital certificate is like an electronic DNI that allows you to identify yourself when carrying out a digital transaction, especially on pages where very sensitive information is handled such as the Treasury or the city council of your city.

It is a document that contains all kinds of data that allow you to prove that it is you and not someone else who is requesting an online procedure. Also, it is much more secure than a password as it is encrypted, unique, and has to be installed on a device to work.

It is issued by a certifying authority, so it is not something you can generate on any website after searching in Google. In the case of Spain, the digital certificate is generated by the National Currency and Stamp Factory (FNMT) and allows procedures to be carried out with multiple State institutions.

Why is the digital certificate important? We already mentioned it above: because only you can use it, because legally it is as valid as a face-to-face signature and because it will save you time and money. All three things are relevant, but in today’s world context perhaps the one that matters most to you is the last one.

How to get your digital certificate in Spain?

get your digital certificate in Spain

To be able to use it, you first have to have it, right? Originally, the digital certificate in Spain could only be requested from a computer, but an Android app was recently launched that allows it to be done from your mobile. Both processes are quite similar to each other and you will have to visit a registry office to accredit your application, but it is only one to save you many more. How do I request the digital certificate? A) Yes:

How to request the digital certificate from Android mobiles in Spain

request the digital certificate from Android

Being a mobile website, we will start with this method despite being the newest. It is more comfortable than the application process from the computer, although it cannot be exported to other devices. This is what you should do:

  1. Download and install the application “Obtain FNMT certificate” from the Play Store on your Android mobile.
  2. Open the FNMT app and press the “Request” button.
  3. Fill in the information requested by the application, they should be those corresponding to your DNI or NIE, an email, and your first surname.
  4. Select an authorized registry office to which you should go to confirm your application and identity. You can locate them with the office locator map of the Royal Mint.
  5. Go to the office you chose with your ID and the code generated by the application to prove your identity.
  6. Once your identity is confirmed, open the application on your mobile and go to “Pending requests”.
  7. Download the digital certificate on your mobile.

Note: the digital certificate will generally be available within a couple of hours after you have confirmed your identity at the registry office. However, on occasion, it may take a little longer.

Obtaining FNMT certificate

As you can see, the application is a really easy process to follow, although there are other steps to be able to use the certificate in your procedures. We will explain this process later, but first, we will show you how to request your digital certificate from your computer.

How to request the Spanish digital certificate from your computer

As we already mentioned, the other existing method to request your digital certificate from the FNMT is using your PC or laptop. This is the original process, it works on any operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and can be exported to other devices, but it is a bit tedious for some.

Why do we say it? Because you necessarily need a compatible browser and also install the root certificate of the FNMT (a process that is later in Android). What are the available browsers? The most used on the market: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Safari. Which is the process to follow? East:

  1. Download the FNTM Configurator on your computer, you can download it from the FNMT website.
    • What is the FNMT Configurator? An application that automates the process of installing the root certificate of the FNMT.
    • The program is available in different versions, so remember to select the correct executable according to your operating system and architecture (32 or 64 bits).
  2. Install the FNMT Configurator on your PC, it is a simple process that has no secrets.
  3. From your web browser, go to the application page of the digital certificate FNMT.
  4. Fill in the requested information (DNI / INE, first surname, and email).
  5. Press the “Send request” button and write down the request code generated by the system that reaches you in the mail.
  6. Go to one of the authorized registry offices to prove your identity and formalize your request. You can see them on the interactive map of the RCM.
  7. Present the application code and your ID, passport, or driver’s license at the registry office.
  8. A few hours later, download your digital certificate from the FNMT download website by entering your ID, surname, and application code.

How to install the digital certificate on Android mobiles

If you got here, you already have your certificate duly authorized by the FNMT, but now you need to configure it to be able to use it from your Android. It is a process with more or fewer steps depending on how you have requested the certificate, but it is still simple. Let’s go there:

  1. Download the root certificate of the FNMT from its website to your mobile.
  2. Find the downloaded file in your mobile storage with the file explorer or browser.
  3. Tap the file to launch the Android certificate installer.
  4. Put the name you want on the certificate, although it is best to use an easy-to-recognize one such as “FNMT root certificate”.
  5. In the “Used for” section select “VPN and applications” and then press accept.
  6. You will see a notification that the digital certificate has been installed.

With that, you have the root certificate of the FNMT on your mobile, but now you need to install yours to be able to do paperwork digitally. Keep it up:

  1. Send your digital certificate to your Android storage, which according to what you have requested will be like this:
    • If you requested it with the Android app: it should be in the download folder of your smartphone.
    • If you requested it with your computer: you must open the browser with which you made the request, go to the security settings, there to “Certificates” and export it. The type of export must be “Certificate Export with private key”, which generally generates a.PFX file (the . CER extension gives problems on Android). Once you have it, send it to your mobile storage by USB, Drive, or whatever you prefer.
  2. On your mobile, open the file corresponding to your digital certificate to start the installer.
  3. Give the certificate a name that is easy to remember.
  4. Select “VPN & Apps” in the “Used for” section.
  5. Accept and you will receive a confirmation that the certificate was installed successfully.

How to use your digital certificate on Android

use your digital certificate on Android

it’s have been a long process to get here, right? Well, rejoice, since everything complicated happened and you will never have to repeat it unless you change your smartphone. In addition, now you will save a lot of time by not having to go to an office to do a lot of paperwork.

One question remains to be answered, how to use your digital certificate from your mobile? It is really simple. In apps or pages that require log-in with a certificate, you should only:

  1. Select identity authentication with “Digital Certificate”.
  2. A pop-up window will open showing all the digital certificates installed on your mobile.
  3. Choose your personal certificate (so it is advisable to use a name that is easy to remember).
  4. Press accept and voila, you will have confirmed your identity and you can continue with your process.

Was this tutorial helpful? Would you like us to do something else about procedures in Spain?

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