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How to solve Cristal Azul does not work (error 404)

Cristal Azul does not work

Have you tried to watch any content on Kodi and encountered the Blue Crystal 404 error? Don’t worry, in this article, we are going to explain how to solve it step by step. Cristal Azul is one of the best Kodi add-ons to watch free movies, series, documentaries, and sports in Spanish. However, sometimes it may crash and display the “Error 404: Not Found” message.

In this article, we will explain what causes error 404 in Cristal Azul and Kodi and the different ways to solve it, depending on the root of the problem.


Why does the 404 error appear in Cristal Azul on Kodi?

When Cristal Azul on Kodi does not work due to error 404, it means that the link you are trying to access is not available or has been deleted. Typically, this occurs due to content copyright infringements.

After all, many of the streams offered by Cristal Azul are not legal, so the companies that own the streams are responsible for interrupting Cristal Azul’s service to prevent people from accessing paid content for free.

So, in a few words, if Cristal Azul shows you the 404 error it is because something is happening that prevents you from accessing the requested content. It may be a problem with your Internet, the addon is outdated or its service has been temporarily interrupted.

How to Fix Blue Crystal Error 404 on Kodi

To avoid the Blue Crystal 404 error problem on Kodi, you can apply one of these solutions:

  • Restart your router: the problem may be in your network and a restart of the router (or modem) will solve it. Don’t forget to verify that the Internet is working well by accessing other web pages to rule out a fault with your provider.
  • Update the add-on: If you haven’t updated Cristal Azul on Kodi for a long time, it is very likely that you are using an old version that is no longer supported and does not have access to the content. So follow this tutorial to update the Blue Crystal addon.
  • Solve the registration error: normally the 404 error is linked to the registration error. If you also see this type of error, then solve it by following this tutorial on how to solve the Cristal Azul add-on registration error. Once you have fixed it, it should now allow you to view content without the 404 error.
  • Use an alternative: it is also possible that Cristal Azul has stopped working indefinitely, so you should look for another similar addon. But don’t worry, we have already done the homework for you. Here are the 5 best alternatives to Cristal Azul for Kodi.

If everything has gone well, you will be able to enjoy your content without problems. If you get the 404 error again, remember to try another link or another category because it may not be a general problem with the addon. Also, don’t forget that sometimes it is a momentary inconvenience that can be fixed by waiting.


We hope this article has been useful to you in solving the Blue Crystal error 404 on Kodi. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave us a comment and visit the official Cristal Azul group on Telegram to get the latest information about this addon.


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