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We are used to regularly carrying out the virus scan of our computer: in this way, we protect the security and integrity of the system. However, remember that this scan does not help you protect your online security. Luckily, Google Chrome offers a very useful tool that allows you to perform a check very similar to that of antivirus but aimed at protecting your web browsing.

Have you never tried using this tool and are you curious to get started? Continue reading this guide: we explain how to do it, step by step.


How to perform a security check on Google Chrome

First, launch your web browser Google Chrome on your computer Windows 10, Mac, Chrome OS, or Linux, then click on the three-dot menu button located in the upper right corner. At this point, access the “Settings” menu from the drop-down menu, then scroll down until you find the section “Security control” and click on “Check Now”.

Google Chrome will kick off the “Safety Check” test which can last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes: it depends on the amount of browsing data it has to scan. During this procedure, Google Chrome will scan the data for the presence of any malicious codes. But not only that: it will also verify that you are using the latest browser version that can protect your computer from viruses. Again, it will check that all third-party extensions you have installed on your system are secure and will check if any of your saved passwords have been compromised by a data breach. Finally, it will check if the “Safe navigation”, a setting that alerts you when you are about to access a suspicious website. Once the security check is complete, Chrome will show you all those warnings that need your immediate attention.

Once the procedure is finished, we recommend that you do the again security control to make sure the new security settings are active.

That’s it: you have done the Security Check on Google Chrome!

But that’s not all: Google Chrome allows you to maximize the protection of your online privacy by using other valid tools. We refer, for example, to the modality “Advanced Safe Browsing” which allows Google to evaluate your browsing on the web, to warn you of any threats. Of course, remember that – when you activate the “Advanced Safe Browsing” mode – you make a conscious choice to share a copy of your browsing data with Google.

Are you still not satisfied and want to further increase the protection of your privacy on the web? Read our guide on the best Google Chrome extensions for web browsing safety.