LG Q60 LMX525ZAW Firmware Flash File [Stock ROM Download]

LG Q60 LMX525ZAW Firmware

When it comes to a guide like how to flash LG Q60 LMX525ZAW firmware, your information with flashing tools is important.

However, installing the LG Q60 LMX525ZAW Stock ROM can be difficult at times when you search for the internet to unbrick LG Q60 LMX525ZAW.

On this page, you will find information to help you prepare for flashing the LG Q60 LMX525ZAW.


LG Q60 LMX525ZAW Firmware Flash File – How To Install Guide

If your LG Q60 LMX525ZAW device is corrupt or bricked. Download LG Q60 LMX525ZAW firmware from here. (based on your device model number) and flash it on your smartphone or tablet. To get it back to a working condition again.

LG Q60 LMX525ZAW Firmware” is the software that is provided by the vendor, or You may say that the software. Which was installed by the manufacturer of the phone is Stock Rom.

The Benefit Of Stock ROM:

  • Flash Stock ROM to unbrick your LG Q60 LMX525ZAW
  • Fix boot loop issue
  • Update and Downgrade
  • Unroot or Fix Bugs
  • To solve the lag or stutter
  • Fix software issues.
  • Revert to stock firmware


LG Q60 LMX525ZAW Stock Firmware Details:

Name Model OS Region Size Download
LG Q60 LMX525ZAW (X525ZAW10E_00) Android 9.x Pie IND 2.24GB Download
LG Q60 LMX525ZAW (X525ZAW20C_00) Android 10 Q IND 2.33GB Download
  • Please use KDZ Downloader to download your firmware. just copy the firmware link and add it to KDZ Downloader.

Instructions to Flash LG Q60 LMX525ZAW Stock ROM:

Download the LG Q60 LMX525ZAW Firmware, Flash Tool, and USB Drivers on your PC. Follow the below Guide to install the firmware.

How To Flash LG Firmware With LG Flash Tool:


1.Extract/Unzip the LG Q60 LMX525ZAW flash tool.zip file that you downloaded above on your PC. You’ll get a bunch of files required to run the program.

2. Run LG flash tool 2014.exe file to Open LG flash tool. If it doesn’t open, install Visual C++ Runtime Library from here and then try again.

3. Boot your LG Q60 LMX525ZAW device into Download Mode:

How To Start LG Q60 LMX525ZAW download mode?


Power off your LG device

Press and hold the Volume Up button.

Connect your device to the PC with a USB cable while holding the Volume Up button.

4. Now load the LG Q60 LMX525ZAW firmware.kdz file into LG Flash Tool window on your pc.


5. Click the browse button at the end of the “Select LG Q60 LMX525ZAW firmware.kdz file” line. Leave every other option as is on the LG Flash Tool window.

6. Once you’ve selected LG Q60 LMX525ZAW firmware.kdz, click the CSE Flash button to proceed on flashing the.KDZ firmware to your LG device.

7. Normal Flash” button doesn’t wipe data, and the “CSE Flash” button wipes data. If you’re upgrading from a stock firmware, then “Normal Flash” might do.

9. You’ll get a “Read Phone Information” window; it will be blank for the most part. Just hit the START button to proceed.


10. Now you’ll see the “Select Country & Language” window. Select “Different” from the country list and then “English” from the language list.

And remember NOT to tick the Smartphone upgrade checkbox, it’s for Windows Mobile phones, not your LG device running on Android

You’ll see a progress bar now. Just wait until it’s 100%, after which you might get an error “Connection to server failed.” This is okay. Don’t disconnect your phone at this point.

LG Q60 LMX525ZAW firmware update progress on your phone. Once it’s complete, your phone will automatically reboot.


After the flashing process starts and might take up to 5-10 minutes, so keep patience and wait.

Instructions To Flash LG Q60 LMX525ZAW With LGUP Firmware Tool:

1. Download and install LG Mobile Driver 4.1.1

2. Download Latest LGUP Tool 2016

3. Download LGUP DLL


5. First Install the DLL file, then install LG UP file on your PC.

6. Run the LG UP tool on your PC.

7. Connect your LG smartphone to your PC/laptop.

8. LG Q60 LMX525ZAW will be listed on the screen of the LG UP tool.


9. Now click on the Upgrade option in LG UP and choose the file’s path. Locate the LG Q60 LMX525ZAW firmware KDZ file and select it.

10. Click on the start button, and the process will be started.

11. Once the process is completed, your phone will restart.

Unplug your device, Done!!!


You have successfully Installed the Stock Firmware on your LG device.


  • Please read and understand the Full Guide Before Flashing.
  • Use these instructions at your own risk. We will not be responsible for everything that happens to you or your device, resulting from the use of information in this guide.
  • Ensure charged you phone at 70–80%.

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