How To Make Google Chrome Much Faster on Android

Google Chrome Much Faster on Android

Google Chrome has become the most used Android browser. But many users have high data consumption problems and excessive load times on some web pages, are you one of these people?

Do not worry, with this trick that we will tell you about today you can save 60% of your data and navigate faster. To do this you just have to activate the basic mode of Chrome, and here we will explain everything you must do.

What is Google Chrome Basic Mode?

Basic mode is a new Google Chrome feature that allows websites to be opened in their lightest version. This means that the browser only downloads the lightest text and images as you view the content.

Google created this functionality with mid-range and low-end Android mobile users in mind since these devices have the most problems when using Chrome.

But if you have a high-end mobile and serious Internet problems, this function is ideal for you because it downloads the most useful things, saves a large amount of data and makes browsing faster.

How to activate the basic mode of Google Chrome on Android?

Follow these steps to activate this functionality:

  • Open Google Chrome on your mobile.
  • Click on the options menu button (it is in the three points at the top right).
  • Select where it says Settings.
  • Look for the Advanced Settings section.
  • Press the Basic Mode button.
  • Move the lever from the top to the right (as you see in the example).

On the other hand, keep in mind that Chrome’s basic mode reduces the quality of the images and sacrifices the sections of the websites that weigh the most. Therefore only the fastest download is downloaded.

Now that you know how to navigate much faster and with less data expense in Google Chrome.


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