Free Up Google Photos Cloud Spac

Google Photos is currently one of the best solutions for storing and viewing your photos and videos. This is also thanks to the cloud service that allows you to back up multimedia content directly to your account.

The size of the free-form cloud used by Google Photos, however, is limited to the size of 15GB, a space that soon tends to run out whenever original photos and videos are uploaded, but also because it is shared with Google Drive.


In this guide, we will show you how to optimize this space and free up storage so as to increase the backup capacity.

How to optimize the Google Photos cloud space

Switch to high-quality backup mode

Google Photos offers three backup modes, you can choose between the  Original Quality,  High Quality, and Backup Express options.

By setting High Quality the images will be compressed to save space, resizing them to 16mpx and ensuring that good quality is maintained, while the resolution for videos will be limited to 1080p.

Selecting  Backup Express instead, you will get a faster upload on Wi-Fi and mobile data, thanks to the resizing of photos to 3mpx and 480p for videos. Both High Quality and  Backup  Express modes offer unlimited storage, while the Original  Quality mode will consume the cloud storage space of your account.

The best solution is therefore represented by the High-quality mode, which also ensures a good resolution for photos and videos.

Eliminate unnecessary files and spam emails to free up additional space on Google Drive

As noted above, the storage space offered for the Google Photos app is also shared with Google Drive and Gmail, to store other types of files. This will, therefore, impact on storage what time you would like to upload multimedia content at the highest quality.

We, therefore, recommend deleting those files that are no longer needed on Google Drive, as well as getting rid of spam emails or whenever possible, those emails with large attachments to free up additional space.

Transfer Google Drive files to another Google Account

However, if all your files stored on Google Drive are important to you, you can then transfer them from your account to another, which is not used for images.

Use a separate Google Photos account

Alternatively, you can use a separate account or Google Photos where you can only upload multimedia files and take full advantage of the 15GB made available by Google’s free cloud storage and be able to have enough space if you would like to upload photos and videos in original quality.