Facebook Rooms How To Use It


the new Facebook Rooms service has been officially available for a very short time, which allows you to make group video calls with 50 participants on Facebook and on WhatsApp.

The service is NOT currently available in Italy but will be available shortly, which is why today I will explain everything you need to know about Facebook Rooms.

As soon as it is available in our country, therefore, you can use it to make group video calls and video chats with friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances in the easiest and fastest possible way.

Without wasting time, therefore, I would say to start with our guide dedicated to Facebook Rooms,  which explains how to best use it in all its features.

How do you use Facebook Rooms?

First of all, you need to know that to create video conferences with up to 50 participants you can use the Facebook Messenger clients updated for Android and iOS or the applications to be installed on Windows desktop and notebook systems  (available on the Microsoft Store) and macOS.

From what I understand, it should NOT be possible to use Facebook Rooms via the Facebook website, but on this point, I await confirmations or denials.

However, when the user wants to start a group video call or video chat with many participants (up to 50) using Facebook Rooms, simply select the dedicated option within the Facebook app.

The button to start the “room” will be inserted in the field of the News Feed used to update the status, therefore it will always be accessible in an easy, fast and comfortable way.

In the coming weeks, Messenger Rooms will also arrive in WhatsApp with a shortcut that will allow you to create video calls directly from the standalone messaging application.

However, once you have chosen the option to create the video call, at that point the system will set up a sort of virtual “room” to which all the various participants can then connect.

The organizer of the “online meeting” has the right to control who connects with the “room”, remove the participants and block further accesses,  just as happens in the main video chat apps that we have learned about in recent months.

In particular, these will be the options available to those who create a room in Facebook Rooms :

  • the activity of the room:  a simple chat or a graduation party, you are spoiled for choice among the recommended options (but you can also create a new one)
  • who can access:  all FB friends or only some specific people (via a link or inviting a whole group)
  • start time: from here you define the day and time of “opening” of the room

You can choose to have individual friends, members of entire groups created on Facebook, share the link through other communication channels and schedule the date and time of the meeting  (the virtual “room” will thus be automatically opened).

Is there a time limit on the duration of the call with Facebook Rooms?

It should be noted that, unlike many competing services and clients, Facebook does not impose any restrictions on the duration of video conferences: our chats, video chats, and group video calls on Facebook Rooms will last as long as we want.

The other features of Facebook Rooms

Furthermore, through a dedicated function, we will also be able to change the background for our video stream and even insert 360-degree images.

Furthermore, a series of filters allow us to illuminate the face, apply a series of “games” with augmented reality, modify the rendering of the surrounding space, and much more.


For the moment we have concluded with this guide on how to use Facebook Rooms.

As promised, we will update it (with screenshots) as soon as the functionality is also available in Italy (it won’t take long).