[Guide] How To Turn off Fastweb Modem Lights

Turn off Fastweb modem lights | EASY DRIVING

Here is the quick and easy guide to doing it! Find out how to turn off the lights and LEDs of the Fastweb Fastgate modem.

How to turn off the Fastweb modem light?

In recent weeks I have decided to activate an Internet line with Fastweb in my new home.

I pay € 28 a month to have unlimited internet that travels around 60 megs in download: not lightning, but more than enough for my needs.

In the past, I used a “soap” from WindTre, which for 10 euros a month offered me 80 gigs of navigation during the day and unlimited gigs from midnight to eight in the morning.

Before the lockdown, this solution was perfect for my needs: I spent little, I surfed fast enough, I was able to connect all the devices I had at home without problems. Plus I could take the bar of soap with me everywhere, even while traveling.

With the lockdown, however, remote work has increased, and with it, the consumption of Internet gigs: 80 per month became few.

Only 7 days to activate a new line with Fastweb 

So I decided to activate an internet contract with Fastweb, which within 7 days (real, non-working) sent me the technician, sent the modem, and activated the line.

Yes, they were very fast, I can’t really say a word about this. They promised me activation in 10 working days, they activated everything in 5 working days (7 effective).

So, finally, for some days I have a very fast internet line at home.

The problem of the Fastweb FASTgate modem lights

After installing the Fastweb FASTgate modem, however, I encountered only one problem, not serious but annoying: the Fastweb modem has really very powerful LEDs / lights, which at night illuminate the whole room and annoy me even when I go to bed.

Of course, for someone, these Fastweb modem lights can be pleasant since they allow you not to leave the house completely dark at night, but for those who, like me, love total darkness, the modem LEDs were really difficult to bear.

Initially, I thought of turning the modem towards the wall, in order to reduce the power of the LEDs, but I got the opposite result: the white wall amplified the LED light of the modem.

Then I tried to cover the modem with something I had at home, but the aesthetic solution was not at all satisfactory.

Only later, stupidly, I thought that maybe it was possible to turn off the lights and LEDs of the Fastweb modem on the software side. And actually it was possible to do it!

Turn off Fastweb modem lights

So, if you also need to turn off the lights of the Fastweb modem because they are too strong and annoying, below I will explain how to do it in a few simple steps.

Here is all you need to do:

  • Install the MyFastweb app on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Run it
  • Log in with your data
  • Click on the 3 lines on the left> FASTgate
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Remove the check from the Modem lights item

Turn off Fastweb modem lights

turned off all the lights and LEDs of the Fastweb FASTgate modem.

At this point, you will have correctly turned off all the lights and LEDs of the Fastweb FASTgate modem.

It took very little to solve an annoying but not serious problem.


For this guide, we have concluded. In case of doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible!

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