How to install Google camera (GCam) on Redmi Note 8 Pro

How to install Google camera (GCam) on Redmi Note 8 Pro

The GCam development community is quite strong among Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. The application has achieved impressive results with many mid-range devices, such as the Redmi Note 7 Pro and Mi A3.

Two months ago, Xiaomi introduced the Redmi Note 8 Pro, an impressive piece of technology with a powerful 64-camera quad array MP. Photo enthusiasts began to imagine the results that could be achieved when using GCam, but there was a challenge to overcome.

How to install Google camera (GCam) on Redmi Note 8 Pro:

The first thing you should do is install the GCAM APK through this link. In addition to the application, the user also needs to download a specific configuration file available here.

Once you have both files, install the application and, if necessary, authorize the installation from unknown sources. After installation, open the Google Camera application and go to the “More” tab on the right side. Then click on the “Settings” icon.

When the settings menu is displayed, you should scroll down to find the option “save settings”, select and type any random name of your choice and save it.

After that, the user must use the file manager and find a “GCam” folder in the root directory of the internal storage.

Within this folder, the user will see another folder called “Configs”. There, they must put the “wyroczen_rn8pro_3.xml” that they downloaded together with the GCAM application.

After completing the steps above, just open the Google camera app again. There, the user must double-tap the black part between the shutter button and the circular view of their photos.

After that, a dialog box will appear and the user will be able to choose the XML file that the user downloaded earlier. Select it and click on the restore option.

After that, the camera application will be restarted and there will be many advanced features to explore with the Redmi Note 8 Pro. According to the programmer, many features, such as HDR +, Portrait, wide-angle photos, are working with your version of GCam.

However, he is not entirely satisfied and is working to bring more advanced features, such as a full video recording and more features available in the latest versions of GCam.

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