How To Hard Reset Acer Liquid Zest

First method to reset Android in the Acer Liquid Zest

go to the application menu of your Acer Liquid Zest and select the option of Backup and Restore .

Done, tap Restore factory data and select any additional options you prefer. Touch Reset phone.

To confirm the process, select Clear all, in minutes the welcome screen will appear again, you have finished successfully!

Second method to reset Android in the Acer Liquid Zest

To reset Android from the recovery menu, follow these steps on your Acer Liquid Zest:

  • Turn off your Acer Liquid Zest and wait 20 seconds
  • Press the volume down button and the power button
  • Recovery menu will appear , it is time to release both buttons
  • In this menu, navigate with the volume buttons to Wipe data / Factory reset and confirm with the off button
  • Repeat the previous step now with the option Yes – Delete all user data
  • The reset will take place and in seconds you will return to the first menu
  • Press the power button again and your Acer Liquid Zest will reboot requesting its factory settings.

If you had problems resetting Android in the Acer Liquid Zest write to us in the comment area to help you.

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