How To Factory Reset A UMX Tracfone – Guide

Factory Reset A UMX Tracfone

If you want to Factory Reset Your UMX Tracfone . and you have no idea how to get it done? Is Your UMX Tracfone performing too slowly and there are many issues appearing? And you Searching for a method to bypass the screen lock protection? Well, we have a guide for you.

Take a look at the below article to find ways to perform a factory reset procedure (also called hard reset and wipe data process), soft reset Your UMX Tracfone device, clear away pattern, password or passcode lock. We also post information on how you can enter the recovery mode, download mode, fast boot mode or bootloader mode, and many more.

You’ll find here helpful tips that may help you umx u683cl phone troubleshooting or enhance its overall performance. Use the directions to clean Your UMX Tracfone and get Your phone ready for another owner.

Soft Factory Reset UMX Tracfone

  1. Make sure your UMX Tracfone switched ON
  2. From a home screen, tap Settings > Backup and Reset
  3. Then tap Factory data reset > Reset phone
  4. To confirm your choice select “Erase Everything
  5. Done, you successfully perform a hard reset

Hard Factory Reset UMX Tracfone

  1. Turn OFF the device
  2. At the same time, press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button for several seconds
  3. When the device has enter Recovery Mode, then you can release both buttons
  4. Choose the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option using the Volume button and use the Power button to select it
  5. Choose “Yes — delete all user data” to confirm the whole operation
  6. Select “Reboot System Now” when it’s done

The hard reset process is complete, but you must remember to back up everything first including files of all types, downloaded apps along with the data, account setting, message, contacts, and other stuff on the phone, so you can restore it back.

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