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How to reset a TP-Link router to factory defaults

If you are experiencing connectivity issues or simply want to revert the TP-LINK router to its default settings, it is imperative that you know how to perform a hard reset. Then, your router will be like new, and possibly your connection problems will be solved.

It is important to note that factory resetting the WiFi router will erase all settings such as the name and password of the wireless network. Once reset, you will have to set it up again from scratch.


If the WiFi does not work on your Android, you may have a problem with your router configuration. In the following tutorial, you will see the methods for resetting the TP-LINK router. Here’s how to achieve a hard reset using these two ways:

The software method is the recommended way to reset your router. To do this, you will need to use the router’s configuration menu, which can be accessed from a web browser.

  • Begin by opening your web browser from a device connected to the router’s WiFi network

factory reset a TP-Link router

  • Type or in the search bar and press “Enter”.

How to reset a TP-Link router to factory defaults

  • Log in to the router’s administration menu with your credentials.

your credentials

  • Go to “System Tools” and then select “Factory Default Settings.”
  • Click “Restore” to go back to default and confirm.

If you have forgotten your credentials or if you have problems with this method, you can try a hard reset, as we explain in the next point.

All TP-Link routers have a physical reset button, which is located on the back or front of the device. With this button, you can reset your router to its factory defaults. This process may vary slightly depending on the specific model, but generally involves the following steps:

Factory reset a TP-Link router using the Reset button

  • Locate the reset button on the router. This is usually a small button located on the back of the device. Some models have a recessed reset button, in which case you’ll need a sharp object like a paper clip to push it down.

reset button on the router

  • Hold down the reset button for about 10 seconds, or until the system LEDs go from slow blinking to fast blinking.
  • Release the button and wait for the router to reboot.
  • Once the router has rebooted, you will need to set it up again by following the instructions in the user manual or as explained below.

Now that you have restarted your router, don’t wait any longer to have an Internet connection again. Here we explain the steps to configure it again so that you can use it optimally.

configure the TP-Link router again

  • Reconnect the cables to the router and wait a couple of minutes.
  • Now check the lights on your router. The power light should be solid and the other 3 lights to the right should be flashing.

How to reset a TP-Link router to factory defaults

  • Log in to your router and set up the network. To do this, you can use your web browser, as we explained in a previous point, or you can download the TP-Link Tether application from Google Play or through the App Store.

Now you know the two processes to restart your TP-Link router and how to reconfigure it from scratch. We recommend you consult the instruction manual that comes with your router, since the steps may vary slightly depending on the model.

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