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How to enable or disable the Amazon Sidewalk network

Amazon is about to introduce a new type of network called Sidewalk, which is aimed at extending the reach of these through the use of a low-frequency band, also making the tracking devices more efficient.


As Amazon had stated in the announcement, Sidewalk will use the Bluetooth Low Energy network, which operates in the spectrum of 900MHz and other low frequencies, to ensure a wide range. This will make sure to share the connectivity of your devices compatible with that of your neighbors.


To this end, reasonable doubts have been raised regarding privacy, which you try to escape via a company document that illustrates how user information is protected. However, if you continue to have doubts despite this, here is how to disable the Sidewalk network via the Alexa app.

Amazon Sidewalk: how to enable or disable the network via Alexa

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app, then selecting the item Other in the lower right corner of the screen;
  • Then go up Settings>Account settings>Amazon Sidewalk. Remember that if you are not connected to any company device, you will probably not be able to view this setting.
  • From here then use the toggle to enable or disable the Sidewalk network.

That’s all. Amazon said the deactivation of the Sidewalk network will not affect in any way the functionality of the devices. However, if you decide you want to reactivate or deactivate the new network in the future, perhaps trying the new network first, you can do it when you see fit, by acting on the toggle.

There is also a named setting on the same page Community search, which will share the approximate location of devices connected by Sidewalk, to make the location search on devices like Tile more precise.

If you want, you can also leave the Sidewalk network active but disable it Community search selecting the link at the bottom of the Amazon Sidewalk page and deactivating it.

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