Amazon in Portugal? App for Android and iOS reveals a great surprise!

The experience of using and buying on Amazon.ES can now be completely adjusted to the Portuguese language of Portugal. After being able to configure the online store through the browser for our language, this possibility now extends to the app.

In fact, for those who usually shop online through Amazon on their Android or iOS smartphone (iPhone), it is now possible to translate all content into Portuguese from Portugal. The novelty was introduced today (11) by the online sales giant.

Amazon in Portuguese from Portugal, on the computer and on the smartphone


Months after making it possible to change the language of the online store to Portuguese from Portugal through the browser, it is now also possible to do the same from the mobile phone. More specifically, changing the settings of the Amazon app for Android and iOS (iPhone).

To begin with, we must begin the session in their account and select Portuguese as the preferred language to browse the Amazon App, make purchases and receive information. The store itself will remain Amazon’s Spanish subsidiary.

Step 1: Access the main menu of the app
Step 2: Select the configuration option
Step 3: Select the “Language and country” option
Step 4: Select Portuguese from Portugal as the language


By changing the language of the application, all aspects of the application will be translated into our language. From the menus and action buttons to the description of the products and information about them, among other aspects presented in the app for Android and iOS.

This option is available with the latest app update for both platforms. The user can already find it in the settings, just follow the steps presented above to take advantage of this enhanced accessibility of the application.

Before you go, see how to buy on Amazon in Portugal, with the tutorial for configuring the store in Portuguese using your browser or desktop browser. It is a simple procedure and greatly facilitates the use of this online platform.

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