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How to improve the quality of photos

Many times we are surfing the networks or the Internet with our phone and we find fascinating photos and landscapes. This leads us to think that you have to be a professional photographer to achieve these results, as well as having exorbitant price cameras. However, the truth is that most users are not experts in the field. In fact, they simply use applications to improve the quality of their captures, something that is available to everyone. On Android, We found a lot of options so that you can show off your photos and turn them into authentic works of art.

Blurry or out of focus photos

Remove blur from Picture-Enhance Image

remove blurCould there be something more annoying than having blurry or out-of-focus photos in our gallery? With Remove Blur you can fix this in few steps. This app allows us to eliminate the blur and eliminate the fog easily. It has a simple and intuitive interface that will allow us to improve the quality of the photo. Thanks to its high-quality algorithm, we can fix any blurry photograph in a matter of a few minutes. You can do it in a way Handbook, editing it to your liking, or in an automatic, letting the application do it by itself. On the other hand, you can share them by mail or through your favorite social networks so that others notice the obvious improvement.


Remini is a great option to improve blurry images. Thanks to its technology artificial intelligence being one of the best on the market, you can correct photos and videos easily and quickly. It includes tools Best for improving the quality of images, from the oldest to the lowest quality photos. In addition, it works very well with those captures taken by old mobiles. It works great with blurry videos, making them clearer and sharper. On the other hand, it contains other functions processing images, such as portraits, paintings, wink effects, and many more, all with a simple and intuitive interface.


enhancefoxWith this application, you will ensure that your memories are no longer blurred. EnhanceFox allows us to improve out-of-focus photos with great ease thanks to its high-quality artificial intelligence system. You can improve all kinds of photos in a matter of few minutes, fix the photos more ancient from your gallery and transfer them to high definition, as well as increase the quality of those you made with old phones. Also, it works very well with photos damaged or yellowish that deteriorate over time, and you can even apply color to those that are in black and white. All this is accompanied by a very easy-to-use interface.

Increase the lighting


afterlightThis app goes far beyond improving the lighting of photos. Afterlight It is one of the best image editing options that we can find for our phone. It has more than 10 million downloads in Google play, and thanks to a simple design and high-quality utilities make it an ideal alternative. It includes 15 tools adjustment to enhance your images with great ease. Dispose of 59 filters to give a different touch to your captures, in addition to 66 textures that include real and natural light leaks to achieve the best possible lighting. On the other hand, you can also crop and transform them once you have applied the other changes.

Light EQ by ACDSee

light eq

With Light EQ we can adjust the automatic exposure in an easy and fast way, thanks to the light equalization technology of ACDSee. We will no longer have to worry about landscapes in low light conditions since you can improve the lighting and contrast of your photographs obtaining incredible results. The app automatically calculates and adjusts your photos to apply the optimal light setting in each area. It is ideal for dark photos (or underexposed), corrects uneven lighting, and photos for backlighting. On the other hand, it has a mode Handbook in which we can adjust the brightness of the dark areas and darken the brighter areas.

Eliminate the background


remove.bg app

With more than 5 million downloads in Google Play, this application allows us to remove the background of an image in 5 seconds. It is really easy to use, and thanks to its artificial intelligence technology it can detect elements in the foreground quickly and separate them from the background. You will be able to save a lot of time and obtain great quality results. On the other hand, you can make your backgrounds transparent, or change it for another to customize it to your liking. When you process the image, you just have to click on the Edit button, and you can add a new one from your gallery, as well as add another photo to use as a background. Also, this tool is available on your official website and it is also integrated into Photoshop.

Background Eraser

background eraser

With this application, we can eliminate the background of any image in a very simple way. All you have to do is select it and she will do the rest. It is ideal for use in photomontages or collages. His Automatic mode erases similar pixels in a few seconds, and by pressing the button extract we will be able to select and delete the elements that we want to eliminate with great precision. In addition, a version is an available premium without ads that allows us to take objects with greater precision, but the truth is that this will be more than enough.

Give it an artistic touch

Prisma Photo Editor


This application has more than 120 million users around the world. With Prisma, you can apply incredible effects to transform your photos into authentic works of art. You can choose from more than 300 styles in its extensive library. The app adds new filters every day, and from time to time they release some specials. After applying one of these filters, you can use its tools to get incredible results. In his mode of gets better, you can adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast, and much more. If it is a portrait, you can use three modes: filters on the face, in the background, and in both to have a very high-quality image.


goartGoArt uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to allow users to transform their photos thanks to its artistic filters. most templates are it so inspired by great painters of history, such as Van Gogh or Monet. These are updated every week to offer an unparalleled user experience. After applying them, you can put your final touch on some areas of the image to create a work of art. The app works with images of high quality even reaching up to 2880 × 2880 pixels, being able to print them to hang them on the wall or take them to an exhibition. On the other hand, within it, we can do purchases to access a greater number of filters.



With more than 200 filters Available of all kinds, you can customize and improve the quality of your photos to the maximum. Choose from classic, modern, or abstract styles to add an artistic touch to your image. These are regularly updated to their large library, so you will always find the most suitable one. After that, you can modify the settings to get a unique result. Once you finish your work, you can save it or share it with your surroundings. In its large community, you will find creations by other artists and you can interact with them. If you get his version premium, you will be able to unlock the entire filter library, hide the app’s watermark and process the images in high resolution.

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