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How to configure smartwatch DT100 – Connect with cell phone

configure smartwatch DT100

Learn how to configure the smartwatch DT100 or DT100 Pro. Check here all the steps to pair the DT100 with your cell phone and enable its main features. See how to activate the function to receive notifications from WhatsAppFacebook, and other apps.

Once the Bluetooth connection feature is enabled, you will be able to make and answer calls directly from the smartwatch D100. To configure these and other functions of the watch, you will first have to connect it to your cell phone.

How to connect the smartwatch DT100 with the cell phone

  1. Before connecting the DT100 watch, you must enable the Bluetooth feature and enable your phone’s location.
  2. Download Install the WearPro App for Android or iOS devices on your phone.
  3. Open WearPro and log into your account. It could be your Google account.
  4. Select Allow on all pop-up requests.
  5. Now go to the Device tab (at the bottom of the screen) and then tap Linking Device.
  6. In the search result, tap Smart Watch to start the connection.
  7. After a few seconds, the smartwatch DT100 will be connected to your cell phone.

Smartwatch DT100: additional settings

Below are the basic features you must act on on your smartwatch DT100. Go to the Device tab and make the following settings:

Raise your hand to light up the screen :

Activate this feature so that when you turn your wrist gesture, the watch screen will automatically turn on/on.

Call and SMS reminder :

Activate it to receive notifications on the clock screen when someone calls or sends a message to your phone. Tap allow confirming.

Application notification :

Enable to enable access to mobile notifications. Click OK, then on the Access Notifications screen, enable the WearPro ao key and tap Allow. Go back to the previous screen and activate the apps you want to receive notifications on the smartwatch DT100 screen.

Enabling the DT100 to Make and Answer Calls

  1. Go to the clock, swipe the screen from left to right, tap BTcall, and click Activate.
  2. While still on the device tab of the app, tap the Bluetooth Connection option.
  3. After being taken to the phone’s Bluetooth screen, tap Pair / Find a new device.
  4. Wait for the search to finish and in the list of found devices, click on Watch AudioXXXX.
  5. A popup will open shortly thereafter.
  6. Check the box to allow access to your contacts and call history.
  7. Finally, tap PAIR to complete the procedure.

If you want to disable all features ( calls, audio media, and contacts sharing ), just go to the clock and turn off the BT call option .

To remove one or more features, go to your phone’s Bluetooth > click the gear icon next to the watch’s name > uncheck the desired option and click Ok.

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