Game Space Oppo – If you use an Oppo smartphone to play games, you must have installed a lot of various types of games. Oppo is one of the phones that uses the Game Space feature which focuses on games.

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What’s interesting about the Oppo smartphone is that it uses the ColorOS interface which has many interesting features. One of them is the Game Space feature. With these features, users can improve their gaming experience and also have better performance.

In the beginning, almost everything related to Android games always used third-party applications. But over time, everything changed, because now almost all Android devices, including Oppo, are equipped with this game manager feature.

If you haven’t heard of this service, we are here to be your guide. We’ll take you to get to know the main features of Game Space, how to activate them, and some of the latest additions.


Game Space is a default application from Oppo that intelligently manages your games. When you install a game, Game Space will automatically identify it as a game app and it will be immediately integrated into Game Space.

So Game Space can maximize the experience of playing games on Oppo smartphones because there are lots of features in it, such as game booster features, Game Assistant, Game Engine, screen recorder, block all incoming calls, block all kinds of notifications, and of course many more.

In addition, there are shortcuts to certain functions that you can do while playing games, such as recording gameplay videos, taking screenshots, and replying to WhatsApp and Messenger messages. Following are the full features.

Game Space will make it easier for gamers to manage all the games installed on Oppo smartphones. Imagine putting all your favorite games in one place. Games will be grouped into a single app that acts as an organizer so they are not scattered around your home screen.

  • Auto-adjusting resolution feature
    Allows a decrease in gameplay frame rate or refresh rate, this will save your device’s battery life.
  • Brightness Lock feature
    Disables automatic brightness level during gameplay. Usually, users activate automatic brightness which adjusts the brightness level based on the darkness or brightness in the surrounding area, but especially during gameplay on PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends, the brightness level suddenly drops which can interrupt your gameplay.
  • Features Game Focus Mode
    Specially designed for gamers who want to focus on the game without being distracted. When this feature is enabled, functions such as alarms, incoming calls, navigation gestures, notifications, and quick settings will be disabled, so there is no interruption during gameplay.
  • Smart dual-channel network feature
    Helps reduce WiFi latency when playing PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty using a mobile 4G network if the WiFi internet speed is insufficient.
  • The Floating Window feature
    allows you to open chat applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, or Messenger while playing games, so you don’t have to leave the game to reply to messages.
  • Performance Mode feature
    Has three performance options, namely Low power mode, Balanced mode, and Pro Gamer mode. The Balanced mode option is active by default, but if you want more competitive gaming performance, you can enable Pro Gamer mode.


OPPO Game Space is a special feature of OPPO smartphones that allows you to manage mobile games and optimize them while you play. In Game Space there is a feature called Game Assistant which is very useful to add comfort while playing games.

This feature has settings for optimizing games, managing incoming and outgoing calls and notifications, adjusting brightness, and much more.


  1. Open the Game Space Buddy app
  2. Then, you will see the game in the Game Space app.
  3. Press the + sign.
  4. Tap Add to show games in Game Space.



  1. Open the Game Space app
  2. Press the settings icon which is on the top right side.
  3. Then hit Settings and enable Game Assistant.
  4. If you want to add another game to Game Space, press the + icon.
  5. Then activate the game.
  6. Now open the game you want to play and swipe the top right side of the screen towards the center to show some shortcuts for certain functions.


To remove a game from Game Space, tap and hold on to the game you want to delete and select Remove from game space. If you want to uninstall the game from your smartphone, you can do it easily too. Just tap and hold on to the game you want to delete and select Delete.

If your Oppo smartphone is using ColorOS 11 or later: Open the Game Space app and tap and hold on the app you want to delete. Then tap the Trash icon and tap Unload.


The Performance Mode feature in Game Space has 3 options, namely Pro Gamer Mode, Low Power Mode, and Balanced Mode. Each of these modes has a different performance.

  • Pro Gamer Mode
    This mode will increase smartphone performance, and frame rate (FPS), and be more responsive, but will use more battery.
  • Balanced Mode
    Balances performance and power consumption at a moderate level.
  • Low Power Mode
    Suitable for users who want the battery to last longer, but the picture will look blurry.


Some users may experience issues with accidental loss or deletion of the Game Space app. You can easily fix this problem by reinstalling this app.

If you are using ColorOS 11 or later, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Then select Application Management.
  3. Next, select Restore system apps.
  4. Select the Game Space application and install it again.

For ColorOS 7 users and below, you can manually install the Game Space APK.

Thanks to Game Space, game fans can more easily manage and optimize their gaming experience on smartphones. Activate the game you want as much as possible so you can play the game to your heart’s content without interruption. Hopefully, this article How to Activate Game Space Oppo is useful.

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