Download Free Vivo Themes – 3 Ways

Trial Theme to Permanent and Free Vivo

Download Free Vivo Themes – 3 Ways

Download Free Vivo Themes – Along with the development of the Funtouch OS system interface, Vivo provides its cell phones with a Theme service that can change the device theme.

As the name suggests, Theme is a store-like service that specifically offers various themes, wallpapers, and fonts to beautify your Vivo devices.

By using this service, we can easily get the required theme, wallpaper, icon, font, and lock screen settings to change the appearance of the device to our liking.

Interestingly, we will also find a variety of content that is sold for free, although most of it is available for a fee. Plus Vivo often presents a monthly free theme program.


We can also use it to beautify the appearance of our device interface. For those of you who don’t know how to download Vivo themes for free from Vivo’s Themes service, here are the more detailed steps

Download Free Vivo Themes

1. How to Download Free Themes on HP Vivo

  • First, open the  Themes application
  • Then, slide the banner section until you find the  Free theme
  • Please open the banner, then find a free theme that you like
  • If you can’t find the Free Theme banner, look for free themes manually
  • When you have found it, select the theme
  • Select  Downloads
  • Wait until the theme download process is complete
  • Then select  Apply, when finished to install the theme

In free themes, we will find a Download button when we open it. But for those who are paid, we will find a Free Trial button to try it temporarily, or Purchase Now if you want to buy the theme permanently.

Apart from using Themes that come with the Funtouch OS operating system, we can also change the Vivo cellphone theme using the help of third-party services. Here are the steps to get it for those of you who don’t know how.

2. Changing the Trial Theme to Permanent and Free Vivo

Trial Theme to Permanent and Free Vivo


If you are using a paid theme and want to make it permanent without buying it. You can follow the steps that we share below.

  • First, install a paid theme from iTheme
  • Then open the  Settings menu
  • Enter the  More settings menu
  • Select  Applications >  All
  • Next select  iTheme
  • Please select  Permissions
  • Disable all permissions, including Contacts, Storage, and Phone.

Now the paid theme that you have installed is permanent indefinitely. This tutorial uses Vivo V5 Plus, for other types of cell phones, just try it.

3. Free Themes from Third Parties

Free Themes from Third Parties

  • Download Vivo Themes from Google Play Store
  • Find a theme you like
  • Download the theme
  • Select  Change theme  after you have successfully downloaded it
  • If you go to Themes
  • Please select  Local
  • Find and open the theme in question
  • Then Apply

4. List of names of Cool Free Themes

For users who want to find free themes on iTheme. Here is a list of names of free Vivo themes suitable for all Vivo phones. Please type the name of one of the theme names in the following list into the iTheme search field, then install it as above.

  • drying photos
  • That youth
  • Sweet dreams
  • The girl’s summer
  • Love
  • Queen of galaxies
  • Nightclubs
  • Chinoiserie
  • Childhood


Even though it looks very helpful, unfortunately, the Vivo Theme application has quite limited support. This service only supports some models, especially devices that are still using the Funtouch OS 11.1 system or earlier.

That’s how to download Free Vivo Themes, and change Vivo themes for free and permanently without using additional applications. May be useful.

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