hard reset Xiaomi Mi 11

See in this tutorial how to format your Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone to erase all data and remove password lock. Learn how to reset your Xiaomi Mi 11 off or on. Select below the desired way to hard reset your phone.

Read carefully:

  • Check if the battery is charged. Ideally, it should have a charge greater than 40%.
  • If possible, remove the Google account first. This will prevent your device from being locked out if you forget your password or username.
  • Back up your files.

Attention! All data will be deleted from your phone. Please be aware that there will be no way to retrieve them later.

Steps to format Xiaomi Mi 11 off:

1. Fully turn off your Xiaomi Mi 11. Then press and hold the Volume Up button together with the Power button. As soon as the phone turns on and the IM logo appears, just release the On/Off button and keep holding the Volume Up button until you enter the screen with the description “ Main Menu ”.

Formatting the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S

2. From this menu, select the Wipe Data option. Use volume knob to select and power button to confirm. On the screen with the option name, again, select Wipe Data and once again confirm by pressing the Power button.

Wipe Data option

3. On the next screen you will be asked for confirmation to clear the phone data. To do this, select the Confirm option and press the Power button. Just wait for the process to finish to move on.

Confirm option and press the Power button

4. The message notifying you that the data has been successfully deleted will be displayed on the next screen. Then just press the power button to return to the main menu. Then select the Reboot option and again press On/Off.

select the Reboot option

5. Finally, select the Reboot to System option and press the Power button to restart your Xiaomi Mi 11. In a few minutes, the Android 11 MIUI restoration will be complete. During this period, do not take any action on your phone.

Reboot to System

Now that all data has been erased and the Android 11 MIUI has been completely restored, it’s time for you to use your Mi 11 again. Before that, you’ll need to add some information. On the “welcome” screen, select the language of your country and then follow the instructions until the configuration is finished.

How to reset Xiaomi Mi 11 on?

  1. Normally turn on your Xiaomi Mi 11.
  2. Enter the Settings menu.
  3. Tap on the “ System ” option to proceed.
  4. Then tap “ Advanced ”.
  5. Choose the “ Reset Options ” tab.
  6. Then select the option “ Erase all data (factory data reset) ” and confirm in “ Reset phone “.
  7. To finish, tap the button below with the description “ Delete all ”. If you are asked for the password you have configured, enter it in the indicated location and confirm.
  8. The phone will then restart. Just wait for the process to finish.

When it restarts and enters the welcome screen, configure it following the on-screen instructions.