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How To Fix Xiaomi Pad 6 WideVine DRM Bug – System ID 0?

Regarding tablet offerings, Xiaomi is making a name for itself with some impressive deals. One such example is the sixth iteration in its popular Pad series.

With a 144Hz, HDR10-compliant screen and 11 inches of viewing space, you will surely get an immersive experience. Unless you have an issue with WideVine DRM, you’ll see a 0 instead of your System ID on your Xiaomi Pad 6.


System ID 0 even on Widevine L1

Due to this, the WideVine Certification could only certify the content up to a maximum resolution of 480p. However, in most cases, the Certification has degraded to L3. In rare instances, the Certification is still L1, which is quite astonishing, to say the least. So all the apps that behold DRM-protected content [Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime] are bugged with this issue, with YouTube being the sole survivor.

In addition, some users reportedly get error messages such as {Device Failure Error:500,-172} and {App restart require Error: 503,-172}. So the real question is- does a fix exist for this issue?

Fix Xiaomi Pad 6 WideVine DRM Bug: System ID 0?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any solution that works. However, one exciting thing to note is that users who purchased this tablet had the firmware version installed, and in that version, the issue seems to be absent. But the catch is that the firmware version is nowhere to be found!

Even if you stumble upon one, it is not recommended to carry out the downgrade due to the Rollback Mechanism put in place by Xiaomi.

Anti Rollback Mechanism


When writing, version is being rolled out by Google. However, it isn’t concrete enough to suggest that this build has rectified the WideVine DRM Bug: System ID 0 on Xiaomi Pad 6.

Regarding the official stance on this matter, the developers are aware of this issue, but they haven’t given out any ETA for fixing it yet. As soon as we hear more about this issue from them, we’ll update this guide accordingly. Stay tuned!

WideVine DRM Bug


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