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You can win at UNO with these 6 tricks!

win at UNO! Mobile

If you weren’t aware, an Android app lets you enjoy UNO! on your phone or tablet. While the rules remain faithful to the card game, the app offers the added benefit of playing online with other users. If you’re up for the challenge, read this post until the end, as we’ll share the best tricks to secure victory in UNO.

How to play UNO! Mobile

The application not only facilitates individual games but also accommodates group play. In an individual game, emerging victorious involves discarding all your cards before the other players. On the other hand, a group game concludes when one member of a two-player team successfully depletes their cards.

Points are earned based on the cards held by the players who lose the game. Number cards carry points equivalent to their face value, action cards are valued at 20 points, and the four jokers hold a weight of 50 points each.

Accumulated points are converted into coins, providing access to various event games. If you lose a game, the deducted coins are transferred from your total to the winner of the game. Additionally, the game offers payment plans, allowing you to purchase coins if desired.

The 6 best tricks to win at UNO! Mobile

best tricks to win at UNO! Mobile

Now that you understand the game and the points system let’s jump into the six tricks to master UNO. Here they are:

Reduce points as much as you can in individual games; the most essential thing to win in this format

When playing solo, your main goal is to discard all your cards before your opponents. Please do so to avoid losing coins when one of the other players accomplishes it first.


The fundamental strategy is to minimize the points in your hand and play high-value cards early on. Be cautious with action or wild cards, as they can lead to significant coin loss if the game ends. Don’t hesitate to use cards to disrupt your opponent’s turn or reverse the order of turns.

Understanding the card values is crucial. The best tactic is to discard high-value cards whenever possible. Even if you don’t win or secure second place, your coin loss will be minimal, regardless of your finishing position.

The best trick to win at UNO! Mobile in a team game is supporting your teammate.

As mentioned earlier, playing in teams of two players is an option. In this setup, you can see your partner’s cards and vice versa. This allows strategic coordination to help each other discard cards efficiently.

For instance, if it’s your turn and the active color is red, but your partner lacks any red cards, while you possess a wild card to change the color, consider using it to match the color your partner holds. This collaborative approach enhances your team’s chances of success.

Don’t use the +2 and +4 cards lightly, another excellent trick to win at UNO! Mobile

An effective strategy is to save a +4 card as your last play when announcing “UNO.” This ensures you can eliminate all your cards on the next turn, regardless of the active color.

Additionally, holding onto +2 or +4 cards can serve as a defensive tactic. If an opponent plays one of these cards against you, and you have a corresponding card, you can counter it immediately. This forces the subsequent player to draw eight or four cards, helping you avoid the penalty.

Control the color of the game being played, one of the most critical tricks to win at UNO

The pivotal strategy in UNO revolves around color control, particularly in team play. When you and your teammate hold many cards in a specific color, prioritize manipulating the active color during the game, regardless of the prevailing color in your hands.

This approach substantially boosts your likelihood of winning while compelling opponents to draw additional cards.


Conversely, if your rivals shift the color to one disadvantageous for you, strategically counteract by changing it to the stain with most cards in your hand. This strategic color management can significantly influence the game’s outcome in your favor.

Watch how your rivals play to detect which cards they don’t have, something you shouldn’t neglect

Consideration of the cards played by your opponents or rival team is crucial in this game. For instance, if one of your rivals is compelled to draw a card during their turn, it indicates a lack of jokers or cards in the specified color in their hand.

You can gain insights into your opponents’ card holdings when they attempt to alter the color, using a joker or a card with the same number in a different color. However, exercise caution, as some players take calculated risks, changing the color to one they don’t possess.

Seasoned players often leverage this tactic to create a deceptive impression of having cards in the designated color. They may tempt you to change it to a color that is more advantageous for them or detrimental to you and your partner. If this concept needs to be clarified, fret not, as we’ll provide a more in-depth explanation in the final section of this article.

If you use mental games, you can hinder the game of your rivals, something challenging to do

In the previous section, we illustrated this concept through an example. Occasionally, creating a false impression that you possess a specific card of a particular color can be advantageous. This strategic move may influence your opponents’ gameplay, offering you an edge. However, it’s a risky strategy if they avoid falling into the trap.

Even if you choose not to employ this tactic, it’s essential to be mindful of it during gameplay to avoid falling victim to a trap set by your opponent.

By following these tips, you can secure victories in many UNOs! Mobile games. However, their effectiveness may vary based on the game’s dynamics. Hence, adapt your strategy to the evolving game circumstances to maximize success.

Now, we’re curious to hear your thoughts. What’s your take on these UNO-winning tricks? Are there any others you’re familiar with that we still need to cover? Share your comments, and feel free to pass on this post.



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