Download YGDP Tool Latest Versions

Download YGDP Tool Latest Versions

Download YGDP Tool Latest Versions

Features of YGDP Tool

Flash Stock Firmware

It allows you to flash stock or custom firmware on your Android Device in CPB Format only. Simply Install the YGDP utility on your computer, the launch it. After launching you will be asked to enter the password, enter 369 as the password.

Then after loading the CPB Firmware on YGDP utility and connect your device to the computer. Once the firmware is fully loaded, click on Start to begin flashing the firmware.

Flash PreResource File

It allows you to flash the Pre Resource file (img) on your Android Device. To Flash, the Pre Resource file, Open YGDP and Click on the Config then after under Please select PreResource file, locate the IMG file that you want to flash on your device and Click on Start to begin flashing.

Config Control

It also allows you to check the device name, check eMMC CID, check fuse info, check instruments info (but this feature is only available for Qualcomm Chipset devices).

Download YGDP Tool

YGDP Flash Tool Setup V2.13

YGDP Flash Tool Setup V3.31

YGDP Flash Tool Setup V3.83

YGDP Flash Tool Setup V3.93

YGDP Flash Tool Setup V3.97

YGDP Flash Tool Setup V3.98

YGDP Flash Tool Setup V4.01

YGDP Flash Tool Setup V4.03

YGDP Flash Tool Setup V4.06

YGDP Flash Tool Setup V5.00 – latest

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