Download Oppo ColorOS 12 Dialer APK

Download Oppo ColorOS 12 Dialer APK

The ColorOS 12 Dialer apk brings several new features, including a range of voice calling options, support for advanced filters, a more intuitive user interface, and improved search capabilities.

This ColorOS 12 dialer, similar to Google Dialer, gives users the ability to record calls without giving them any notification. The added features, such as the call recording options, filters, improved user interface, and search capabilities, make the ColorOS 12 dialer a great addition to the OnePlus 10R

The voice calling options provide clearer audio, while the search capabilities make it easier to quickly find contacts in the dialer

Realme Dialer & Contacts and OnePlus dialer are two great apps that are similar to Oppo ColorOS 12 Dialer in terms of what they can do. Even though these apps aren’t as advanced as Realme Dialer, they are still good reasons to use them instead of the default dialing app.

Download Links:

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How to Install ColorOS 12 Dialer APK:

In order to access the features of the application, one needs to download the apk file from the link provided above and transfer it to the apparatus. Install applications from unknown sources. Install file

Root user:

  • download apk Transfer it to the system folder, change the permissions, and restart the phone.



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