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Download MSM Download Tool New (Latest 2023)

MSM Download Tool New (Latest 2023)

The MSM Download Tool is a powerful and versatile tool for downloading firmware updates to your mobile device. It has been designed to make the process of updating your device’s software as easy and efficient as possible.


In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the key features that make MSM Download Tool such an invaluable resource for those looking to keep their mobile devices up-to-date with the latest firmware releases.

One great feature of the MSM Download Tool is its ability to quickly search through available updates from multiple sources in order to find exactly what you need.

This means that you don’t have to waste time manually searching different websites or forums in order to find out which version is compatible with your specific model or brand of phone – it will do all the hard work for you! Furthermore, once an update has been found, it can be downloaded directly onto your computer without having any additional software installed on either end – making things even more convenient!

Another useful feature offered by MSM Download Tool is its built-in support system which allows users access technical assistance should they encounter any issues during installation or use of their new update files.

This includes detailed instructions on how best to carry out each step correctly so that everything runs smoothly – saving both time and effort when trying to resolve potential problems down the line!

Additionally, there are also helpful FAQs available online if further help is needed at any point during the setup/use processes too; giving customers peace of mind knowing they’re never alone when using this particular application service provider’s services either way round…

Last but not least: The user interface (UI) provided by the MSN download tool itself makes finding relevant information about current/available updates incredibly simple – thanks largely due the intuitive navigation options present within the main window; allowing users easily move between various sections program without becoming overwhelmed vast amounts data presented them every turn (as often case many other similar programs).

All these factors combined mean anyone who wants to stay ahead in the game in terms of staying updated hardware wise now able to do so much easier than ever before – something truly benefits everyone involved here today and tomorrow alike…

MSM Download tool allows users to flash or install stock firmware on their smartphone, making it an indispensable utility for those who need to repair their phone’s software or restore it to factory settings

You can flash any QOCM phone made by oppo, Realme, Oneplus, or Sharp because the tool supports the “.op” file extension and these companies ship their device firmware in the “.op” format.


  1. Create a backup prior to processing.
  2. it will ease all user data from the device.
  3. To ensure uninterrupted use, it is recommended to charge the device at least 50%, as this will help prevent accidental shutdown due to low battery.
  4. Use the old MSM Download Tool, a device running Android 8.1 and lower can be easily flashed with the latest version of the software and activated for free.


  • Flash Oppo Phone
  • Flash Realme Phone
  • Flash OnePlus Phone
  • You can Flash dead Phone (EDL Mod)
  • Work as a Realme Flasher/oppo flasher

How to Install MSM Download Tools:

The tool is easy to use, as it requires no technical knowledge or installation. You can use it immediately after downloading and unzipping it into any folder of your choosing.

How to Activate MSM Download tool:

  • Download & Extract The Require File Package From above.
  • Install CodeMeterRuntime.exe File.
  • Double-click on OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRaU.
  • Now it will open Codemeter. Click on Update License then select Create license Request.
  • Done. Run MSMDownload tool.exe

How to activate the MSM Download tool for OnePlus:

  • No activation Require from the Login prompt select other and Next.

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File Name Download
V3.0.17.19 (New android 12/13 Realme Oppo OnePlus Require Auth) Download
MSM Download tools 2.0.63 (Latest for Realme Oppo Require Auth) Download
MSM Download tools 2.0.51 (Latest for Realme Oppo Require Auth) Download
MSM Download tools 3.0 Download
MSM Download tools 4.0.58 Download

How To Flash Firmware With MSM Download tools:

Step 1: Get the most Latest Stock firmware for your device from here. And Save the firmware in the MSM Download Tool directory.

Step 2: Download the USB driver for the 9008 EDL and set it up on your PC.

driver for the 9008 EDL

Step 3: Launch the MSM Download tool 4.0.58.exe file.

Step 4: Turn on the phone device.

Step 5: Connect your device to pc by USB cable By pressing the volume up and down keys together.

Step 6: To begin the flashing process, on MSM Download click the Start button. Please be patient while the installation is finished.

Step 7: Once the “Download Complete” message appears, you can disconnect your phone from your computer.

Download MSM Download Tool New (Latest 2023)

So here is all about MSM Download. if you have any queries about this tool and installing the stock firmware feel free to leave a comment and use our contact us page.


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