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Codes for Honkai Star Rail – How to redeem them

Codes for Honkai Star Rail

At last, Honkai fans will be able to enjoy the new RPG game that hopes to be as good as Genshin Impact. Honkai Star Rail plunges us into a new futuristic adventure with supernatural powers and powerful characters from the saga, as well as endearing ones, accompanying your protagonist. And of course, like any game with gacha, you can’t miss the rewards that Hoyoverse itself provides to celebrate the occasion.


Here you will get the most recent reward codes on Honkai Star Rail, along with a short guide so you know how to redeem them in-game. It is quite simple, and once you get it, you will receive different items and coins that will help you improve your team.

Codes for Honkai Star Rail

At the moment, these are the codes to redeem on Honkai Star Rail :

  • 2T7BP4JVEBT7

They come as part of the celebration of the official launch of the game globallyDon’t miss them!

How to redeem codes for Honkai Star Rail

redeem codes for Honkai Star Rail

Here is how to redeem reward codes on Honkai Star Rail. You just have to follow this step by step.

  • Open the Honkai Star Rail game.
  • In order to access the option where you claim your rewards for codes, you will need to unlock the mobile. This comes after you first start playing when you meet Himeko.
  • Open the mobile option.
  • Select the menu in the form of three points located in the upper right corner.
  • Locate “ Redeem Code ”.
  • Write the first code.
  • Click on Confirm.
  • That’s it! Continue with the next one until you claim them all .

Remember that these codes have a limited duration time. Once it reaches its end, it cannot be redeemed and will appear invalid. The same will happen if you have already redeemed said code before. Don’t forget to check out the official Honkai Star Rail groups on TwitterFacebook, and Discord to keep up with their updates and possible new codes.

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