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HSReplay, the best deck tracker for newbies

For serious HearthStone players, there are plenty of resources you can’t be without if you want to improve. Not only take advantage of the game options to improve decks or receive high-value cards but also use other applications that are useful when it comes to studying your performance in the game and that of your rivals.

By this, we mean deck crawlers. These are important elements that should be within the reach of any regular player if you want to continue growing in this virtual card game so famous and loved by Blizzard fans.


These types of applications are used to monitor your progress in the games in detail. What cards did you use, how many are left in your deck during the game, as well as the moves your opponent makes? The record will help you to know if you falter at any point or in what way you will be able to overcome your limitations. Next, we point out which are the 3 best apps of this type, although first make sure to reduce the space that the game occupies on your mobile.

Hearthstone fan? Then the best deck trackers cannot be missing from your game kit

HSReplay, the best deck tracker for newbies

Whether you’re a recent HearthStone player or returning to the game after a long time in retirement, this deck tracker is for you. In HSReplay you can find different tools that will help you improve your strategy in the game.

These tools include the classic deck tracker to tell you what cards are used during games, the option to replay your matches on a recording, as well to receive individual statistics for each game you have played throughout the week.

Thanks to HSReplay, you can also ask for the opinion of your friends when sharing your recorded games, as well as share the information of your deck in the same way in search of second opinions. You can do all this from the app without problems.


Firestone Deck Tracker is the best to keep up with the plays of the moment

Firestone Deck Tracker, the best to keep up with the plays of the moment

If your interest in improving your plays in HearthStone is focused more than anything on the plays of the moment, then it is preferable that you opt for Firestone Deck Tracker. This particular deck tracker focuses on every new thing happening in the game and helps you stay up to date in an easy-to-understand way.

In addition to being very easy to use, keeping track of your plays, and allowing you to import decks, this app also keeps a very close track of the latest techniques used and new tactics appearing in the game, so you won’t get lost. of the best current strategies.

DOWNLOAD HERE | Firestone Deck Tracker

Arena Tracker is the best app to learn how to win during games

Arena Tracker, the best app to learn how to win during games

The Arena Tracker deck tracker can also be very useful if you like real-time app tips and stats while you play. It specializes, after all, in guiding its user to perform at their best in the arena mode of the game.

Not only does it suggest the best decks for you, but it also keeps track of the heroes you choose, and can also tell you which cards to play before others, based on the record of your previous plays in games where you’ve won.

Like the rest of the deck trackers, it includes the default functions of keeping track of your cards, how many you have been using during the games, how many you have left, and in the same way, it shows you the percentage probability that certain cards will appear in the following turns. This service can be used for free, or you also have the opportunity to opt for its paid version, paying only 3 euros per month.

DOWNLOAD HERE | Arena Tracker

Which deck tracker would you go with? 

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