Honkai Star Rail tier list

Honkai Star Rail is the new game from miHoYo (creators of Genshin Impact ) for Android and iOS devices. Although it recently just came out worldwide, the truth is that it has been available in some regions and beta phase for some time, so it is already well known which are the best characters in Honkai Star Rail. Next, we will present you with a tier list of the characters in the game based on their abilities, stats, and synergies. So you can choose the ones that best suit your style of play and form the most powerful team in the galaxy.

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Honkai Star Rail: tier list with the best characters in the game

In case you don’t know it, Honkai: Star Rail is a space fantasy RPG set in the HoYoverse universe. In this game, the player becomes the carrier of an Estelaron, a powerful entity that can alter reality, and joins the Astral Express, a spaceship that travels through different worlds.

You can explore the galaxy, meet different characters, fight against enemies and discover the secrets of the Aeons, the beings that create and destroy the stars. Honkai: Star Rail combines elements of action, adventure, comedy, and romance, offering a unique and immersive experience for HoYoverse fans. What are the most recommended characters in the game? The following:

Tier S

  • Bailu
  • Bronya
  • clear
  • dan heng
  • Lepard
  • March 7th
  • peel
  • Seele
  • Susan
  • trailblazer
  • yanqing

Tier A

  • Arlan
  • Pole
  • Himeko
  • Hook
  • Natasha
  • Serval
  • tingyun

Tier B

  • Sampo
  • Welt

Tier C

  • Hertha
  • Qingpe

How to understand the Honkai Star Rail tier list

Honkai Star Rail’s tier list works the same way as any other similar game. The characters that are in tier “S” are the best in the entire game and those in tier “C” are the least recommended, although they are not as useless as those in tier “D”. Here is a more detailed explanation:

  • Tier S – The best characters you can get. They are very powerful and versatile. If you get a chance to get one, don’t pass it up. These should be your priority.
  • Tier A – These characters are very good and will help you a lot in the game. They may not be as amazing as the S-tier ones, but they are worth investing in.
  • Tier B – Decent characters that can work well in some situations. They’re not bad, but they’re not outstanding either. If you like them or serve you, use them.
  • Tier C: they are characters with poor performance that will not last long.
  • Tier D: The worst characters in the game. They are considered “useless” since they do not contribute anything. There are no characters with this rating in the game yet.

That’s all! Remember that the tier lists of games like Honkai Star Rail are not final, since each time they add new characters that make us reconsider the entire list. We will try to keep this updated, but be sure to visit the game’s official website to find out about the latest news before anyone else.

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