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Google Camera on Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro

How to install Google Camera on Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro

Have you just bought a Xiaomi 11T or 11T Pro and want to download and install the Google Camera app on your new smartphone? This is the article for you! Read on to find out how...
Pair T600 Smartwatch

How to Pair T600 Smartwatch using M2 Wear or HryFine

Learn how to set up Watch T600 on mobile. The smartwatch T600 connection process is very simple, just activate the Bluetooth and do the steps to synchronize the watch data with the application. Pair to receive alerts for SMS...
pair LG Tone Free with phone

How to pair LG Tone Free with phone

Check out this complete guide on how to set up using LG Tone Free. All the steps to pair your headphones with your phone, check battery level, play music, answer calls, and much more. The LG Tone Free Headset is compatible with...

How to pair DT94 Smartwatch with phone using WearPro

Smartwatch DT94 is very easy to set up with the mobile. After activating Bluetooth, installing the app, and pairing the watch, you will be able to make calls, receive notifications, change the display, all directly on...
Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A22

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A22 [Wipe Data/ Factory Reset]

See how to format the Samsung Galaxy A22 to reset to factory settings (forced reset). Erase everything, wipe all your personal data like photos, contacts, and audio and video files from internal storage. The hard reset removes the default password or PIN, and...
Reset and Configure Echo Dot

Reset and Configure Echo Dot – Amazon Alexa [Guide]

Have an Echo Dot and need to reset or configure? In this tutorial, you will find all the steps to configure the Amazon Alexa app and connect your Echo Dot to the Wi-Fi network. What is...