Backup your Google Stadia

Stadia is an experiment that has not worked out well for Google, but you have to admit that the idea of playing triple-A video games on almost any device is great. Thanks to streaming gaming platforms, you no longer need to have a gaming console, computer or mobile phone. And, in fact, with a good connection, you can play just as well on a 200 euro smartphone as on a much more expensive one.

But what if you want to move to your computer to play with better graphics or forget about connection problems? Is it possible to back up your saved games? The answer is yes, and we will teach you how to save and export your Google Stadia games.


Export your Stadia games with Google Takeout to use them wherever you want

If you want to backup your Google Stadia games to use them with games installed on your computer, you can use Google Takeout to export them. Generally speaking, this method works for games managed by Steam and Epic Games as well as those that are not. Does it apply to consoles? Hardly, but we still invite you to try and you may be lucky.

Is it difficult to export Stadia games with Google Takeout? For nothing, by following a few steps you will have your file saved and safe. This is what you should do:

  1. Go to Google Takeout and log in with the same Stadia account.
  2. Click the “Uncheck all” box in the “Select data to include” section.
  3. Check the list until you find Google Stadia and mark its checkbox.
  4. Tap the “Next Step” button.
  5. Configure the export like this:
    • Frequency: export once.
    • File type: .zip (because it has better compatibility).
    • File size: whatever you want from the list.
  6. Press “Create Export”.
  7. Wait for Google to create your files (they will send you an email when it finishes).
  8. Press “Download” to save the backup on your computer.
  9. Unzip the backup and go to Takeout> Stadia> GAMING> GAME_SAVE.

Inside that folder, you will find all the saved games of your games on Stadia. Some are easy to recognize, others not so, but almost always have in their name some indication of which game they correspond to.

How to import your saved files from Stadia to other platforms

Now we have to talk about the other side of the coin: the import of saved games. We would like to tell you that it is very easy, but unfortunately, there is no standard among games for importing save files.

In some cases, it will be enough to copy the file extracted from Stadia and paste it into the installation folder of the game, but in others the location changes. Also, there will also be cases in which the files of Stadia and your game are not compatible, something that will happen especially with consoles.

Our recommendation? Head over to Google, Reddit, or some video game forums to see if you can find the answer for the specific case you need.