Android TV 12: all the news and improvements

Android TV 12: all the news and improvements

The new Android for televisions is now official. Recall that Android TV 12 has been online in beta since May of this year, although only for developers. Interestingly, the new version of Android TV 12 that Google has just released is now stable and final, but it is still only available to developers. To be more specific, it only works on Google’s ADT-3 development machine.

However, surely from 2022 Chromecasts with Google TV and other devices with Android TV will be updated to this new version. So, so that it does not take you by surprise, we are going to see all the news that Android TV 12 will bring to your television.

Android TV 12 is out now! But only for developers

Android TV 12 takes a big leap from the previous version, especially to meet the demands of 4K televisions. Here is a list of everything new that this version includes:

  • Improved interface
    • Shown in 4K resolution for the first time
    • It has a new design with transparencies, blurs, and renewed animations
    • Offers accessibility settings for font size
  • More control of image quality
    • Allows you to change the frame rate of the screen to adapt the content
    • Now it can display the display modes, HDR formats, and surround sound formats
    • Includes better compatibility with HDR formats
    • New support for HDMI CEC 2.0
  • Greater privacy and security
    • Brings options to block the camera and microphone of your TV
    • Displays on-screen prompts every time an app is using the microphone or camera
    • It is device certified through the Android KeyStore API.
  • Easier and faster connection of the TV to the WiFi: you can scan a QR code on the TV screen using your mobile to quickly connect it to the Internet without typing passwords.
  • Tuner improvements: has Tuner HAL 1.1 with DTMB support and better performance. Includes a better protection model with Tuner Service.

If you have a Google ADT-3 device, you can now update it to Android TV 12 via OTA. You can also update it manually by flashing the Android TV 12 system image .

Google ADT-3 device

Which TVs and TV Boxes will update to Android TV 12 first?

As we mentioned before, the Google ADT-3 developer device is the first of all to receive the final version of Android TV 12. It has not been confirmed which will be the next to receive it, but it is clear that the Chromecast with Google TV is the Next on the list for being the top Android TV dongle that Google sells to the public.

Unfortunately, there is no clear indication of when this update will hit the Chromecast or other devices. What is certain is that the sticks and Smart TVs that are released in 2022 will most likely arrive with Android TV 12 from the factory. In any case, we will keep you informed about it.