Petal Maps is updated in a big way: news and improvements

Petal Maps is updated

Even though Google Maps is the undisputed leader when it comes to GPS maps and routes applications, the other apps that compete for second place do not rest. So much so that Huawei has decided to do something unexpected: improve its mapping application to compete with Google’s.

With this new update, Petal Maps manages to show that dealing with Google is possible. Huawei’s maps application, suitable for the brand’s mobile phones and other Android devices, received hundreds of improvements and a large number of new features that make it more than an interesting app.

Petal Maps receives many improvements: offline maps, lane changes, and more news

One of the biggest advantages that Google Maps has compared to the rest of the apps of the same style, is its ability to offer maps, recommendations, and sites of general interest.

Although Petal Maps already included its list of points of interest, now it takes a great leap in which it incorporates hotel reservations, information about nearby restaurants, and search by type of food.

Thanks to these improvements, Huawei has made Petal Maps a much more versatile app, that is, a true alternative for those users who do not want to use Google services .

One of the improvements is even related to the use of offline maps: it is now possible to download the maps to the phone to use them when there is no access to an Internet connection.

It is worth mentioning that Petal Maps allows you to download regional maps, what does this mean? Well, you can download maps of specific territories (countries, cities, or provinces).

Thanks to this improvement, users can enable navigation and guidance along the usual roads, as well as by countries they want to visit.

Petal Maps wants users to help improve the app

Petal Maps wants users to help improve the app

As if everything we have mentioned was not enough, Huawei makes it clear that it needs the help of users to continue improving. With this new update, a video layer is enabled, which allows improvements to be made to the maps.

Those users who contribute improvements will receive medals that can be viewed by other people. In short, if you contribute a video of the streets of your city, Huawei will show the rest of the users that you are “committed” to improving Petal Maps.

Without much else to add in this regard, unlike Petal Speed, Huawei’s app to measure the speed of an Internet connection, the Petal Maps application is available for mobiles with Android 7.0 or higher, as well as for Huawei terminals (from the AppGallery).