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Samsung Galaxy NX: video proof

One of the attractions of the event Samsung Galaxy & TIVA last Thursday was the Samsung Galaxy NX a high-end digital camera mirrorless promising performance more than outstanding. The LTE connectivity , Android 4.2 and the possibility of exchange lenses offer the user a number of unusual features in a single device such as this. Then an advance video of what the user can expect this new generation of Smart Cameras .

Cameras and social networks in the cloud services in general are required to be understood. It is at this point that Samsung interferes with the release of a product like the Samsung Galaxy NX . And is that the photographic qualities of digital cameras NX Series fuse with the endless possibilities offered support Android and complete wireless terminal. In the video below we offer a preview of what to expect with the arrival of this new generation of smart cameras.

Samsung Galaxy NX
Samsung Galaxy NX

A new digital camera segment expansion process

Samsung took the first step last year with the presentation of the Galaxy Camera, which served to popularize a new segment within the digital camera market. The objective was to take the photo quality of a device designed by and for photography and increase its functions with Google software platform. Now, the company is further compromised with this ambitious project to bring this idea to a range of digital cameras like the Samsung NX.

Samsung Galaxy NX
Samsung Galaxy NX

Typical functions of a camera interface implemented in Android

In the aesthetic found no differences compared to other options on the market. It is a mirrorless digital camera will be positioned between the compact and SLR cameras. Aimed at advanced amateur users, offer a full menu of software functions that allow you to capture images from the familiar Smart Modes and appearing in a video sequence. However, the camera also allows you to use the manual mode with which to control and adjust the main parameters that influence the quality and “personality” of the pictures created. In this case we can access this switch from the screen itself, on the right.

Indeed, in this respect there are not many changes from the Galaxy Camera , saving the number of configurable parameters. We can see how you can access the configuration section, selecting the flash and image and video quality like a Samsung Galaxy smartphone in question. In addition, access to the Android home screen roulette is by selector “modes” and from which we can make use of all available applications in Google Play. For example, it will be very interesting synchronized operation of the camera, gallery and storage service in the cloud Dropbox , either 4G LTE connectivity or WiFi . However, in this section the available functions are the responsibility of the user.

The goal, the accessory that changes everything

Samsung Galaxy NX
Samsung Galaxy NX

Obviously another point of interest is the ability to exchange lenses. If the Galaxy Camera we had a group of 21 optical magnification in the Galaxy NX we find the possibility to connect to 13 different objectives . The process is identical to that found in SLRs: press a physical button, objective and desacoplas tours. In this way the user can choose the target that best suits the situation to focus and capture the desired instant optimally.

Undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy NX will become a very attractive option not only for its presentation as a digital camera, but by the range of possibilities offered in combination with Android, either with applications and / or support services.

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