Saturday , December 16 2017
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BlackBerry Q5: gaming performance video


BlackBerry will launch in a few days the third BB10 device, the second with a QWERTY keyboard for the mid-market, able to assume many of the solutions adopted in the flagship Q10 from the main screen of 720 × 720 pixels. In a few days the BlackBerry Q5 will see the light in the UK and to follow in many other countries, both in Europe and on other continents, trying to conquer the faithful at home in Canada in recent years have had difficulty ‘fall back’ on other platforms waiting for best times.

The Q5 boasts materials certainly less valuable than his elder brother, the design is less nice and definitely more spartan, but under the body still beats a dual-core Snapdragon processor, clocked that in this case stops at 1.2GHz(the Q10 is of 1.5GHz). The computing power is not lacking and 2GB of RAM are enough to be able to complete all the tasks BB10, even in the field of gaming : 1:1 although the form factor of the display is not a good solution, many titles are designed for this resolution and the Q5 will certainly not look bad.

Looking forward to see him at work on a more complete here is a video of Crackberry , which incorporates some phases of play:

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