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Windows 10: Latest Update Slows Down The PC And Causes Serious Errors!

Windows 10 latest update

Microsoft has released new updates for Windows that are causing huge problems for many users. Thus, the recent “bug fix” updates released by this company can be considered as the worst so far. They are creating blue screen errors (BSOD) in Windows 10 as well as performance issues and other bugs.

Windows 10: latest update slows down the PC and causes serious errors!

Microsoft released two updates. They are Windows 10 KB4549951 and Windows 10 KB4566782. This on August 11th. In practice, they arrived with security and bug fixes. Even on peripherals such as the mouse or keyboard.

Now several users have found that this patch created more problems than it fixed. Many people are unable to install the update. Others continue to have blue screen errors and more.

Here’s what people have been saying about this …

The latest updates wiped out my Thinkpad X390. In the meantime, the Windows Hello camera has stopped working. But, in addition to that, I have BSODs when the notebook goes into hibernation. The same when trying to run Lenovo Vantage.

“I installed the August 2020 update last Tuesday and I also wiped out my camera on my X1EG2.”

Based on the reports, it appears that the August 2020 updates to Windows 10 may be jamming some computers (especially Lenovo ThinkPad hardware) when Hyper-V or Windows Sandbox functionality is enabled.

Lenovo users also revealed problems with the Windows 10 August security patch. However, disabling the virtualization option seems to have solved the problem.

So, if you are having problems after these updates, it is best to go back to the previous version of Windows.

In addition to the problems I mentioned above, some users have also reported network performance problems after this latest update. But the account below is what seems to gain the most consistency across multiple users.

“This update made the computer unusable. So Windows Explorer starts and freezes. I cannot use my external hard drives. Boot freezes ”.

However, in the same way, others also reported an increase in startup time and slowness of the system after installing the August 2020 update.



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