WhatsApp forces users to accept new policy under penalty of losing functionality

On May 15, 2021, the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant communications platform, will come into effect. The new model, announced in January this year, will really be applied and there is not much (or nothing) to do.

That is unless they do not mind gradually losing access to the platform’s communication functions, in addition to receiving constant warnings. The measures have now been announced by the Facebook group company and will also be felt in Europe.

They will have to accept the new terms by May 15, 2021


In effect, users who do not accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy until May 15th will start to see insistent notices. They will be gradually more persistent alerts until the user acquiesces and endorses the new terms.

However, if you do not, you will see your account gradually losing access to operation and communication functions through this platform. This is the “punitive” means to be applied by the leading platform to guarantee the approval of the new terms.

Such as points out the company itself, by not accepting the terms, restrictions on the full use of the service will begin to apply. These impediments will gradually become more obstructive and accompanied by insistent reminders.

The latest restrictions applied to the WhatsApp account

First of all, they will not have access to the chat list on WhatsApp, the conversation list. However, they can continue to answer (answer) calls and video calls made through this service.

The user can touch the incoming call notification (if he has notifications enabled), responding to them. There they will also be able to view and reply to text messages (in the quick reply option from the notification card).

They can also respond to missed call notifications by making a call or returning a video call. This is the extension of the limitations to be applied to WhatsApp accounts that do not accept the new terms.

However, as the company points out, after a few weeks these capacities will also be truncated. The user will no longer receive notifications for calls, messages, and other alerts. It will be as if the WhatsApp account was suspended.

Finally, WhatsApp will not delete the user account even if the user does not accept the new terms. We recall, by the way, that these measures will start to be gradually applied from May 15th.

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