WatchApp: Watch TV Series and Football on Android

Android is a free system, which offers plenty of room for maneuver even to those who love to watch streaming content. An app that has attracted the interest of many for its abilities has been WatchApp which allows for free and easy to access a lot of content.

If you are looking for an app to watch free-to-air TV channels and see the sky on Android with the Watch App then you have hit the spot.

As if streaming all those channels were not enough, the app also offers the possibility to see anime and series. Also, there is a large collection of Italian and foreign sports channels to watch streaming games and other sports events such as Formula 1 races and GP motorcycles.

The app is not very suitable for Android TV Box being not navigable via remote control, however, it is convenient as an alternative to streaming sites. Below we will see how to use WatchApp, one of the best apps to watch streaming content.

Attention and use WatchApp to see the Italian pay channels or other content for which you do not own the rights commit a crime, and therefore you risk being prosecuted. ChimeraRevo invites you to respect the law.

By now all pirates and streaming lovers have equipped themselves or are equipping themselves with VPNs to safeguard their privacy and hide their identity. The only way to view pirated content with certainty is one VPN without Logs (if a VPN saves your session data you are still in potential danger). The most reliable and cheapest VPNs are without a doubt NordVPN is IPVanish.

How does WatchApp work?

Once the app has been downloaded and installed (link at the bottom of the article) we will have various tabs where the vast contents offered by the app are organized:

  • The first tab shows the digital terrestrial TV channels than those available in the clear in our country.
  • In the second tab, we will find the TV Guide, which is used to know what is being broadcast and at what time on the Sky channels (this tab is useless enough there are very immediate apps on the play store perfect for the purpose).
  • In the third tab of the app, we can find the interesting section Sports TV, with the Italian pay channels on football, but also other foreign language sports channels (for Champions League, Serie A, foreign leagues, etc.), if you want to see sporting events without too many shots and buffering it is these that you have to watch.
  • In the fourth tab, we will find the TV sports guide is not as useless as it might seem, it allows you to know which foreign channels are broadcasting the event that interests you.
  • In the fifth tab, we have a page that allows you to consult the results of many races, objectively it is not very useful.
  • The last tab is the Film-TV series, we have a large collection of multimedia contents divided by genre and playable for free streaming.

How to install WatchApp.apk

To use WatchApp you need to have a video player like XMTV or Wuffy, after installing one of the two players you just have to start it at least once and accept the conditions.

Given that some streams, especially those of the matches are from AceStream, it is better to download the app to manage the live streams via torrent. Also, the Ace stream will be started the first time, and you’ll have to log in with a Google account.

DOWNLOAD | AceStream Engine

WatchApp Download

Here are the links of the updated WatchApp apk


The installation is simple, just follow the usual procedure, if you don’t remember a few steps, don’t worry, we have a perfect quick guide to refresh your memory.

What is the difference between WatchApp and WatchApp Beta?

Online there is also a Beta version of WatchApp which is substantially identical to the basic version, then after installing it, some wonder what it is for.

The Beta version of WatchApp is maintained and released to provide an alternative when the lists of the original app are overloaded and report the message Unloadable playlist.

The installation of WatchApp Beta it is identical to that of the normal version found above the download link.

Why doesn’t WatchApp install?

Some Android when you download an apk executable and tap on the downloaded file, the installation does not start and rather the annoying message appears Could not open this file. In this case, you don’t need to worry, solving the problem is simple to open if you have it or download a file manager, then go to the folder Download and you will find there the apk that you have downloaded, then just tap to start the typical installation (it is really simple if you don’t remember a few steps you can resort to our guide).

Why do all videos on Watchapp have an annoying slash underneath?

It is a bar that will hardly have escaped your attention, it indicates how the video buffer proceeds if it is full and proceeds to the end of the screen, means that streaming is going well and we should not experience annoying blocks.

If you want to remove it it’s really simple to do it on Wuffy or xmtv (they are identical) go on Options and then select the item Hide the video buffer bar.

Why does the white screen remain?

If after starting WatchApp you only see a white screen, or it appears while you are wandering through the menus, do not panic just press the back button and the annoying screen will be a memory and you can continue to enjoy the application.

Why are some channels on Watchapp no ​​longer visible?

All links on the app are found online, so it may happen that a list or an IPTV link found online is not entirely reliable. Remember that this is an app that offers free IPTV and these are famous for going offline easily.

Why do some channels on Watchapp trigger?

Some channels start because IPTVs are not made to withstand heavy traffic, they are unicast type broadcasts, if you want to know more, consult our in-depth analysis. That’s why during sporting events the channels become unstable, and it is better to use those based on acestream.

Are there alternatives to WatchApp?

Of course, the most valid alternatives to WatchApp for Android to watch streaming TV are:

  • Evil King ß is the app of the well-known addon for Kodi, the app inherits much of the functions of the famous predecessor. Like the addon that preceded it, it offers 10 IPTV lists updated with the channels of various countries including Italy.
  • IPTV Daily Updates is an app that has many free IPTV lists updated daily to learn more don’t miss our in-depth analysis.
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