Improve Your Workflow With These Trello Alternative

Trello in 2020

Having a digital tool that helps you organize your work is key to having a successful project, especially now that new technologies have become our best allies. Trello is one of the most popular, although there are others that could also help you optimize your tasks. Here we will show you 5 free alternatives to Trello to use in 2020.

Improve your workflow with these alternative tools to Trello

Fortunately, tools like Trello and the ones that we will show you below use the Kanban method, perfect for effectively visualizing and managing your workflow in real-time. This system allows you to organize all the information related to your project on a board to which you can add cards, labels, and much more. Try these alternatives to Trello and choose the most suitable for your company!

Asana, ideal to start managing your first project

It is a visually very pleasant application with which you can structure your project in boards, lists, schedules, and calendars. In addition, it allows you to add colored labels to easily identify your tasks or set priorities. It is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Gmail, among other key tools to optimize your work.

Asana is available online or in a mobile app. The free version is designed for a team of 15 people, ideal if you are starting your first project. And if you want to manage something bigger, you can choose their payment plans.

Asana: organize team projects

MeisterTask, the best ally in your most creative projects

Although MeisterTask adapts to any plan you want to execute, it is undoubtedly perfect for organizing events, managing the work of marketing agencies, or where projects are extremely creative. It is integrated with MindMeister, an online mind mapping application that allows you to share ideas through the cloud. Teaming up has never been more fun than with MeisterTask!

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to comment on tasks, receives reminders to keep up with the progress of the team, and it even offers you the option of direct import from Trello, Asana, and Wunderlist. Best of all, it is a very intuitive tool that you can use in your browser and on your smartphone.

Intuitive Kanban for Everyone: MeisterTask

Airtable, to create a database

Airtable is ideal for small and large companies, although it also gives you that more personal touch if you want to plan a trip, organize an event, and even make your home shopping list. But that’s not all, because it also offers special plans for non-profit and educational organizations.

With this tool, you can create your board from scratch or use one of its templates. It allows you to choose times and dates, attach files, links, long notes, and even barcodes. It also offers you a spreadsheet to organize the information in a database. In fact, if you have a company focused on customer experience (CRM), you can collect the necessary information about them in order to know their preferences and provide them with a better product or service.

Airtable is free (although it also has Premium plans). You can use it on your computer and in the mobile version. In addition, it has a fairly complete integration system to share information with other more popular services or apps. It is compatible with  Google Drive,  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a long etcetera.


Todoist, so you don’t lose track of all your tasks

Todoist, so you don't lose track of all your tasks

Create professional or personal projects in Todoist. Organize everything you have to do with your team and prioritize the most important tasks. Share files, add reminders, due dates, tags, and keep track of the entire project from your mobile, tablet, or smartwatchDon’t lose track of your occupations!

Todoist makes your work easier because it offers you a catalog of templates that you can use according to the objective of your task. In addition, it is compatible with Dropbox, Slack, Twist, and other tools that will help you increase your productivity.

Todoist: To-Do List with Reminders

Archmule, to interact in other projects

Set up your own home office and take advantage of this intuitive and minimalist tool, perfect for creating public and private projects. Its Kanban system allows you to drag columns from one side to another, add tags, comments, attach files, and other useful features to organize your tasks.

Archmule gives you the opportunity to expand socially. You can interact with other users who have interests similar to yours, like other projects, and even show off your success in managing your work.

Archmule: Collaboration Platform

If before it seemed a headache to organize teamwork, with these applications it will no longer be a problem. As you can see, there is something for everyone, so choose the one that best suits your projectSay goodbye to chaos with these alternatives to Trello!

And you, with which of these tools would you choose to effectively manage your project?

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