ulefone armor 11 5g night vision

There are many smartphones to choose from, but few that offer us a differentiating point like the one we find in the Ulefone Armor 11 5 G, a smartphone that boasts a complete night vision camera that allows us to see where others cannot.

But this is not everything in this smartphone, a terminal that, as its name suggests, makes it an all-terrain terminal, due to its resistance and also its connectivity. A complete composition that makes the Ulefone Armor 11 5G, a smartphone to value for work and for adventures, managing to make a difference.


Night vision camera makes the difference

Although the photographic equipment of the Ulefone Armor 11 5G is not limited to this atypical lens, it is the one that attracts the most attention and offers the most different results, not being limited to a night mode like the one we see in other smartphones. In this case, the technology that makes it possible is two infrared LEDs that can see in the dark no matter how complicated it is with its 20 Mpx.

ulefone armor 11 5g

With the use of infrared light, we can record and take pictures in complete darkness without limitations, as it does not cause electromagnetic radiation and therefore will not be detected by any system. Great help that can be used in different situations such as working at night, expeditions through caves, or even to photograph nature in all its splendor, which occurs at nightfall.

ulefone mobile night vision

Although the human eye is not able to see at night, this special camera comprised in the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared rays and ultraviolet light It allows us to capture all the details, leaving us a sharp image with all the detail that has nothing to do with the classic night mode of mobile cameras.

Resistance and much more

Another strong point of Ulefone Armor 11 5G is the resistance with IP68 protection so that not even water and small specks of dust can access the terminal, in addition to a MIL-STD-810G certification against shocks and all kinds of falls that ensures a mobile capable of keeping up with us.

In connectivity, 5G is the best mirror that we are going to find, since it does not lack detail to be communicated in any corner, in addition to offering NFC to make contactless mobile payments, Bluetooth 5.0 LE and all kinds of GPS connections, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo with whom we can be locatable anywhere, be it the mountain or in any other point, however remote it may be.

One aspect to highlight in smartphones is memory, where we find a mobile more than Ready for battle with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory, which allow us to take advantage of all multimedia content without problems. The advanced memory is combined with the MediaTek Dimensity 800 processor that gives us high speed and the agility that we ask of a smartphone, taking advantage of the most complex apps and even games.

ulefone armor 11 5g

In turn, it is accompanied by a 6.1-inch screen where you can enjoy high definition content, without the battery being a problem since its cells are 5200 mAh and it also has a fast charge of 18W so that at any time give it extra energy to continue taking advantage of it. For greater comfort, it integrates wireless charging, allowing us to forget about cables.

The rest of the cameras that are not part of the night vision are nothing more and nothing less than four, with a 48MP main sensor signed by Sony to achieve the best results also during the day. It also has a 13 Mpx wide-angle, 5 Mpx macro sensor to photograph the smallest detail, and a portrait mode. In front, the selfie camera is 16 Mpx and it integrates into the screen in a concealed way with a reduced notch.