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How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iOS to Android with Ultfone

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iOS to Android with Ultfone

Transferring your WhatsApp messages from iPhone (iOS) to Android is a headache since the application itself does not offer an option to make this transfer. But this does not have to be this way. With a good tool like “Ultfone WhatsApp Transfer,” you can easily and quickly send all your chats from your iPhone to any Android mobile.

What we like most about Ultfone is that it works with both WhatsApp and WhatsApp businesses. In addition, it is capable of transferring WhatsApp as you want without limits: from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone. It also allows you to make or restore backups at the touch of a single button, totally free.

So, if you are desperate to transfer WhatsApp from your iPhone to an Android mobile, come with us to discover how you can do it with Ultfone, but not before knowing everything that this great tool can do .

Ultrafine WhatsApp transfer: the app you need to transfer your WhatsApp to another mobile

The main function of the Ultfone WhatsApp Transfer app is to migrate your WhatsApp from iPhone to Android (or vice versa) directly and without restrictions. However, it can also do other things that will allow you to have full and absolute control of your WhatsApp messages. We are going to review all the functions of this tool so you can see what it is capable of.

Transfer WhatsApp chats to a new mobile (Android or iPhone) directly

Transfer WhatsApp chats to a new mobile (Android or iPhone) directly

With this tool you can transfer all your WhatsApp messages from one mobile to another, no matter how old or new it is or the operating system you use. The transfer is done directly and quickly, using any PC (it can be Windows or Mac) as an intermediary.

And it is that the Ultfone WhatsApp Transfer app is installed on your computer to make the migration process of WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business chats possibleWhat type of message transfers does this tool allow? The following combinations.

  • Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone
  • Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android
  • Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone
  • Transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android

Backup WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on iPhone and Android

Backup WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on iPhone and Android

Ultfone’s WhatsApp Transfer tool can also create backup copies of your Android or iPhone WhatsApp chats so you never lose a message again. With the push of a button, you can back up all your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business messages, photos, and videos to your PC in a very simple and fast way.

The best thing is that the app does not impose storage limits on you and lets you save your backups on your PC safely. By the way, this feature is 100% free for iOS devices.

Restore your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business backups on Android / iPhone

Restore your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business backups on Android

This application also lets you restore your WhatsApp backups on any mobile and without uninstalling WhatsApp, regardless of the OS involved. To be more specific, these are the restorations that Ultfone WhatsApp Transfer can do:

  • Restore Android WhatsApp Backup to iPhone.
  • Restore iPhone WhatsApp backup on Android.

The app restores messages from WhatsApp chats and groups, their respective status (sent, received, and seen), and the attached files (images, videos, GIFs, etc.). We really like this feature because it allows you to view the details of your backups before restoring them. We also love that it lists all your old backups to choose which one to restore.

Also backup and restore other iOS messaging apps

If you use an iPhone, this tool will also help you make backup copies of LINE, WeChat, Viber, and Kik applications easily. Likewise, it lets you restore, view, and even export them to HTML without any complications.

Works with iPhone 12, iOS 14, Android 10, and more …

Ultfone’s WhatsApp Transfer program is installed on your Windows PC (10, 8.1, 8, and 7) or Mac. And it is compatible with Android devices 10 or lower and with any iPhone or iPad (with iOS 9 or higher). In short, you will not have any incompatibility problems when using this tool.

How to transfer your WhatsApp messages from iOS to Android in a few steps

  • Connect your iPhone and your Android to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Open Ultfone’s WhatsApp Transfer program and make sure the source device (the iPhone in this case) appears on the left side.
  • Press the Transfer button. Thus, a backup copy of the WhatsApp of the source device will begin to be created.
  • Once the copy has been created, you will have to verify your phone number associated with your WhatsApp.
  • Next, the program will begin to transfer all the messages to the Android device. So wait until the transfer is complete.

And that’s it! Depending on how many messages and multimedia files you have on WhatsApp, this process may take a few minutes. After the transfer is finished, you will be able to see all your WhatsApp messages on your Android just as you had them on your iPhone.

As you will see, it is really very easy to transfer all your WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to an Android mobile (or vice versa) using the Ultfone WhatsApp Transfer app.

Is Ultfone’s WhatsApp Transfer app worth it?

We have not had any problem with using this application and recommend any other I transfer method WhatsApp because it really goes your chats WhatsApp to mobile you want quickly, without restriction, and in the simplest way possible.

Other transfer methods only work between devices with the same operating system (Android / Android or iOS / iOS) or they can only export the chats in a text format that you cannot see or use in the WhatsApp of the new phone.

So, if you don’t want to complicate your life or waste time migrating your WhatsApp, the Ultfone WhatsApp Transfer app will undoubtedly help you.

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