Top extensions for Google Chrome

Every day, we use our favorite Google Chrome browser to surf the Internet, watch our favorite movies, prepare business documents, and much more, but still, it has flaws that can be easily fixed with the help of extensions.

We decided to choose the best and most useful extensions for Chrome.



No one likes when sites, and indeed all navigation on the Internet, is very slow. The FasterChrome extension speeds up the Internet by preloading data at the moment you hover over the link. As a result, the opening of the site and its pages occur instantly!

Faster chrome

Typio Form Recovery

Typio Form Recovery

Divine extension Typio Form Recovery, allows you to restore already entered text.

Why is this necessary? For example, you entered text and then your computer or browser crashed, or something else happened, if earlier you had to type everything again, then with Typio Form Recovery you can restore information in a matter of seconds!

Typio Form Recovery



A browser is not only viewing sites but also downloading files. The Chrome browser does not have the fastest way to get to the download section, especially if you are not a fan of hot buttons.

This can be easily fixed using the “Downloads” extension of the same name, by installing it, a special icon will be added to the panel, which allows you to quickly get to the download menu. Download Downloads Extension

Session buddy

At times, so many tabs are open in the browser that sometimes Chrome doesn’t even want to open. A lot of running sites for work and for home recreation and leisure, you do not want to close them and lose this “collection”.

Session buddy

There is a solution – Session Buddy, a session manager in Google Chrome that allows you to remember all open session tabs and, if necessary, open them or restore them after a crash. Download Session Buddy Extension

Picture in Picture

Are you aware that Chrome can play video in a picture-in-picture mode? That is, to show different video materials on top of all windows? Unfortunately, not all sites have this feature! To solve this problem, the Picture-in-Picture extension will help you.

Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google)

Picture in Picture

Black Menu For Google

Surely you and I use various Google services every day – YouTube, Google Photo, Google Drive, Google Music, Google Play, Translator?

If you would like to have quick access to these sites and at the same time, all of this had a compact appearance, then we present to your attention the Black Menu For Google extension.

With the help of a compact drop-down window, you will always have your favorite Google resources at hand, so that you don’t have to make extra movements to switch to them.

Download the Black Menu For Google extension

Smooth Gestures Plus and Mouse Gestures

If you have used the Opera browser at least once, then you probably know about such a useful feature as managing tabs using mouse gestures:

  • Return back
  • Go forward
  • Refresh tab
  • Close tab

and much more…

Smooth Gestures Plus and Mouse Gestures

In the Google Chrome browser, you can control tabs using mouse gestures by installing a special extension for this. There are currently two great options – Smooth Gestures Plus and Mouse Gestures.

Smooth Gestures Plus has a huge number of gestures, which can also be supplemented with your own, supports synchronization between browsers, but has a 2-week free period.

The cost of an annual subscription is $ 4, and a lifetime license is $ 15.

Download Smooth Gestures Plus extension

Smooth Gestures Plus

Download the Mouse Gestures extension

Express panel for Chrome (Speed ​​Dial)

Express panel for Chrome (Speed ​​Dial)

Everyone knows that by default in Google Chrome the express panel contains the 6 most visited sites and this is very small. Extend this functionality will help you third-party extensions.

But it’s worth highlighting one extension of the Chrome Express Panel – Speed ​​Dial 2.

This express panel has a lot of settings:

  • Themes + native image support
  • Grouping saved sites by topic
  • Sync (Paid Feature $ 4.99)

Download extension Speed ​​Dial 2

Share everything!

Share everything!

Found an interesting publication on the Internet, but the site does not need the sharing button? This is not a problem, the AddToAny:

Share Anywhere extension will help you, which will add all the necessary sharing services to the Chrome panel!

AddToAny: Share Anywhere

Each tab has its own audio channel

Sometimes each tab assign its own audio channel or audio output, how to do it? How to do it? It’s simple, the AudioPick extension will help you with this.


Night mode for sites

To prevent your eyes from getting too tired at night, you can use the special Dark Reader extension, which will turn on “Night Mode” for all sites, replacing white areas with dark shades.

Dark reader

Tracking all changes on the site

Surely you are aware of such extensions that track price fluctuations on a particular site. But what if you yourself want to configure from which site to collect pricing information? And if you are interested in changes not only in prices?

Then you need the “Track” extension, which allows you to monitor all changes on the necessary site!

Download extension Track: 

Price Tracker – Otsledit

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Everyone may need help on the computer. If you have the Chrome browser installed, you can install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension and connect it to another computer.

You will see everything that happens on the screen, and you can also take control of the mouse.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

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