Top 10 apps for cleaning and speeding up Android


Top 10 apps for cleaning and speeding up Android

Hello, as you understand from the title, in this article we will talk about how you can speed up Android. The problem of “hanging” on phones and tablets is very common and worries many Android owners. But unfortunately, to eliminate this disadvantage is obtained by no means at all. Before proceeding to solve this problem, let’s consider the causes of its occurrence.

Why does Android slow down and freeze

The owner of the new Android device initially satisfied with the speed of his work, but after a while, as a rule, the following happens:

  • The smartphone starts to run longer.
  • Begin to lag the game.
  • The battery discharges noticeably faster.
  • Violation of gesture control.
  • Significantly increases the response time of sites when surfing the web.

Why is the smartphone starting to slow down and fail? In most cases, this is due to a large number of installed games and applications. Over time, they accumulate and at the same time begin to create a large number of unnecessary files and folders that take away free space from RAM.


RAM (RAM) is the so-called “Random Access Memory” (Random Access Memory), in which the running program code and data processed by the processor are stored during Android operation.

The most common reasons for which the smartphone “slows down” and “freezes”:

  1. Shortage of system or RAM.
  2. A large number of installed games and applications.
  3. A lot of “garbage” (residual folders and files that remain in the device after removing unnecessary games and applications).
  4. Outdated software (software).
  5. At the same time, a large number of services and programs are running and running.

These are the main reasons for slowing down the work of gadgets. It is the lack of memory that most often causes the simultaneous manifestation of the above problems. If you notice all these signs, then it is time to clear the RAM. Now that we know the reasons, we can move on to ways to eliminate them.

How to clean and speed up Android

Do not be upset that your gadget began to hang – in most cases, this problem is easily solved. What to do? Most often, simply install and run a special application for cleaning and speeding up Android. We also recommend following these tips to help make your phone faster:

  1. Delete or stop all unnecessary applications in settings.
  2. Clean the cache regularly.
  3. Periodically do a full reset to factory settings.
  4. Update firmware (software).
  5. Transfer data to SD card.
  6. Stop or delete unnecessary applications.
  7. Disable GPS.
  8. Disable synchronization and unnecessary services in the settings.

Usually, the implementation of these recommendations is enough. But if you do not want to perform all actions manually, you can use a special application for this and simplify the whole process. Install the free app to quickly clean and speed up your Android device with one click.

Cleaning and acceleration applications

All submitted programs are free and available for download in the Play Store Google Play.

Clean master

1. Clean Master

Cleanup Wizard: one of the most popular applications for speeding up and cleaning Android. With Clean Master, you can clear the cache, delete games, and clear your search history. In addition to the basic functions of the Cleanup Wizard, there is a built-in antivirus (working online) and the ability to save battery power. Clean Master has two versions: Normal and Lite Lite.

Key features and specifications:

  1. Trash clean – deletes cache and residual files.
  2. Acceleration – automatic acceleration of games and applications up to 30%.
  3. Battery saving – extends the phone operation by optimizing the performance of running programs.
  4. Cooling – detects programs that cause overheating of the android.
  5. Applock – allows you to set passwords for SMS, photos, contacts and other sections that must be hidden from prying eyes.
  6. Antivirus – online protection and scanning.
  7. Application manager – delete and create backup copies.
  8. Auto Start Manager – disables unnecessary programs for even faster android operation.


2. 360 Security

One of the best applications for removing file junk, protecting against viruses and saving battery power up to 40%. 360 Security improves the performance of your phone, as well as eliminates the problem of “breaking” and “freezing”.

360 Security has two versions: Normal and Lite Lite.

Key features and specifications:

  1. Clearing the cache.
  2. One touch acceleration.
  3. Built-in antivirus.
  4. Energy saving.
  5. Convenient management.


Du Speed ​​Booster

3. DU Speed ​​Booster

Application for optimizing and cleaning the Android system with free antivirus. Speed ​​Booster will speed up your phone by 60%, remove unnecessary files (cache) from your phone and increase the available space on the SD card.

Key features and specifications:

  1. Fast acceleration of up to 60%.
  2. Cleaning up trash.
  3. Protection against viruses.
  4. Built-in application manager.



Cleaning and speeding up the phone

4. Clean and speed up the phone

Accelerates Android phone or tablet by clearing the memory of temporary and obsolete files and folders.

Key features and specifications:

  1. Accelerate the phone.
  2. Antivirus.
  3. Works without the Internet.
  4. Expands and enhances memory.


Power clean

5. Power Clean

A small, fast and free app to cleanse and speed up your Android. Power Clean offers such features as garbage collection, memory acceleration, device optimization, and an application manager. With this software, you can free up and increase the RAM (RAM), delete or disable unnecessary programs.

Key features and specifications:

  1. Acceleration of memory.
  2. Cleaning up trash.
  3. Application manager.
  4. Applock.
  5. Device info.


CM Launcher

6. CM Launcher 3D

This is a launcher from the company Cheetah Mobile working on a 3D engine. CM Launcher gives your phone lightning speed, stunning 3D animation effects, and a personalized interface.

Key features and specifications:

  1. New animated 3D effects.
  2. Clever sorting of games and applications by folders.
  3. Acceleration.
  4. Personalization.
  5. Protection against viruses.
  6. Energy saving up to 30%.
  7. Hiding applications in an invisible folder.


CM Security

7. CM Security

Block applications, accelerate your phone, clean up garbage and antivirus with multi-level protection in one service.

Key features and specifications:

  1. Built-in antivirus.
  2. Block unnecessary applications.
  3. Cleaning up trash and speeding up your phone.
  4. Smartphone search (anti-theft).
  5. Scan during installation.
  6. Call blocking.



8. APUS Booster +

A small but effective application for clearing memory and optimizing the performance of mobile phones running on Android. The program with one click stops the work of background processes and accelerates the work of the smartphone by more than 50%.

Key features and specifications:

  1. Does not require ROOT rights.
  2. Maximum acceleration.
  3. Saves battery power.
  4. Lock programs.


Game booster

9. Game Booster

It can speed up your game by freeing up memory before launching, which makes the game process smoother.


  1. Launch Game Booster
  2. Select the game you want to speed up.
  3. Click the game icon to speed it up and launch it.
  4. Play the game.


GO Speed

10. GO Speed ​​(Cleaner & Boost)

The program for cleaning of residual files with broad functions and capabilities that can speed up your tablet or smartphone up to 60%.

Key features and specifications:

  1. Acceleration games.
  2. Cleaning up trash.
  3. Application manager.


And which applications for cleaning and accelerating Android are you using? Share your opinion, leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and will help determine the choice to other users.


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