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Namaz Reminder V1.0 Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Namaz Reminder V1.0 S60v5 S^3 Anna Belle By Telenor Pakistan By : Telenor Pakistan Size : 4,44 Mo Exten : Wgz Ads : No The Namaz Reminder App shows Namaz Times of all 7551 Towns on the planet. The latitudes and longitudes of the all the cities are managed in an off-line database. The application can also identify… Read More »

My Weight Lite v1.00 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

My Weight Lite v1.00 Signed by eAvathar:- My Weight allows you look for the perfect weight and Body Mass Index (BMI). The modern USER INTERFACE eliminates the need for keypad to enter data. Everything can be done simply using touch. Any unit such as Kg/lb and cm/ft/in can be used in the application. You can set a goal… Read More »

XtronPhone V3.01 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

XtronPhone (Nando Sang Putra) FP1 FP2 Refresh :- The software is created to provide you Windows Phone Feel on the Symbian smart phone just by install one simple app. Key Functions : – Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Style StartScreen – Full Tiles Color from Windows Phone 8 – Swipe down to exit app – Windows Bottombar… Read More »

SymDVR v1.3 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

SymDVR v1.3 By Crimean Signed Full Retailed by Txus With this application you can get better quality recording standard application that allows camera. Could be achieved by setting video bit. For 640×352 optimal is 3500 kbps. TIP: In S ^ 3 devices can shoot 640? 352 or 640? 480 resolution with 30 frames per second. Just use Expert… Read More »

Diabetes Tracker v2.04 Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

[MIGITAL] Diabetes TrackerV 2.04 Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3 Always keep the diabetes under control! Do you or any one you know have Diabetes? Now record your sugar levels on your mobile, for ready reference, when you require it. • Enter your daily/periodic blood sugar readings in the application. • You and your doctor can analyze the diabetic history accurately.… Read More »

SMS Spam Killer v4.0 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

[Aims Migital] SMS Spam KillerV 4.00.sis :- Block up Irritating TEXT from Disturbing People or Frustrating Internet marketers with this Anti-Spam Application! • Include Contacts you need to reject in Spam list. • All those TEXT MESSAGE would go in to Junk or be Removed. • Add Contacts, Sender Names, or Text to filter. • Superior, Effective and… Read More »

bkstatlite v1.03 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Bkstatlite By caminac Signed:- Hold player statistics by a team of basketball on the phone. Made and attempted shooting, rebounding, stolen, slippers, Fauls. Ready for translations into many languages. To collect and store data on your PC, you have to bkstat full (coming soon). Download bkstatlite v1.03 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Tamago v1.0 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Tamago by Pico Brothers Ltd Signed This fascinating addictive game has become available for Symbian. You get completely hooked. You have to just hit on the TAMAGO (egg). That’s all. You’ll totally hooked on it. This application required qt you can get it from here . Download Tamago v1.0 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Tangoe rTEM v1.02 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Tangoe rTEM V1.02 by Tangoe Canada Inc. Save cash with Tangoe rTEM. The application measures your data, voice, SMS and running around usage in real-time, and analyzes it with the per month plan. You will get alarms on the device while you use up your plan. Avoid expenses shock and optimize your plan with Tangoe rTEM. To find… Read More »

Truth Machine v1.0 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Truth Machine by Danrasoft 1-Ask A Question to any one. 2-Press On Button and get the answer. 3.After he answered , press off button. 4.Than press Enter button. 5.To Know whether he is telling you the truth or he is lying…. Download Truth Machine v1.0 Signed Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Belle Shell v2.00 Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Belle Shell Signed Retail by Txus Program shuttle with 6 3 home screens. It is easy to place short cuts, folders, and widgets on the home screen. There is a screen of pop-up notification which allows access to torch LED, Wi fi, Wireless bluetooth and the silent user profile. Download Belle Shell v2.00 Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3