How to Increase Productivity with Safari Extensions for Mac

Increasing your productivity is much easier thanks to Safari for Mac. Apple recently launched a “campaign” to encourage the use of Safari extensions in Mac users: they prove to be very useful and interesting, above all because they allow you to give a significant boost to your productivity at work or in the study.

If you are curious to find out how to get the most out of using Safari extensions, continue reading our guide: we will reveal how Apple’s approach has changed and which are the best extensions for Mac.

What has changed in Apple?

What has changed in Apple

As announced in WWDC 2020, Apple has greatly expanded the range of Safari extensions available in macOS Big Sur, with the introduction of the WebExtension API and with a new tool that helps developers quickly transfer extensions installed on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to the Apple browser. This very important and radical change has obviously led to the birth of a large number of new Safari extensions for Mac.

In particular, Apple has added a new category of extensions to the Mac App Store, also including charts of the best downloads for both free and paid extensions. In this way, Apple wants to make Safari extensions more usable for Mac users.

How to install and use Safari extensions

We have intrigued you and now you want to try to install one of the Safari extensions on your Mac? To view all the available ones (and then to install them), you have two ways:

  • In the browser menu bar, go to Safari> Safari Extensions
  • Explore the Safari Extensions section within the “Categories” section in the Mac App Store.

Did you find the extension you want? To install it, click on the extension of your choice, just like you would for any other app to install on your Mac.

You can enable and disable the extensions by accessing the Safari Preferences section: you can access each of them simply by using the relative icon located to the left of the Safari search bar. Do you still have any doubts? Read our complete guide in which we explain to you how to use Safari extensions.

That’s it: we’ve explained to you how to search, install and enable (or disable) Safari extensions What do you prefer. In the following paragraphs, we reveal which are the best extensions that can increase your productivity.

Grammarly for Safari

Grammarly for Safari

If you write for work, then the free extension Grammarly will undoubtedly become the travel companion of your days. Once installed, Grammarly will check everything you are typing and it will help make all the work you do on Safari much more precise. This extension for Safari is also able to provide also grammar tips ed spelling warnings: Your emails and social media posts will improve dramatically! You can of course deactivate Grammarly when you don’t want to use it.

Finally, remember that the basic features of this extension are free but that in-app purchases unlock additional features.

Tab Suspender

This is one of those extensions you have to absolutely install because it allows you to make some orders while browsing the Internet.
If you are not actively using some tabs while browsing the web, Tab Suspender suspends them for you. In this way, it not only does a bit of “cleaning” in the browser but also solves the annoying problem of sites continuing to run in the background, slowing down the browser.

Tab Suspender automatically suspends the activity in these tabs: this means that you can leave them open in the background while preserving the performance of the machine. Developer Bruno Magalhaes claims that by using Tab Suspender, you’ll see a decrease in memory and CPU usage by 60%. The result? You can keep multiple tabs open without performance issues!


We particularly appreciate Notebook because it is a complete extension that can offer a wide range of features to increase business productivity. We remind you, however, that there are other extensions similar to Notebook such as, for example, such as Bear, Evernote is Instapaper.

This extension for Safari allows you to take screenshots of pages, create notes, create voice memos, and search your archives. The notebook has some very unique features such as the ability to create recipe cards.

Notebook is free, runs very smoothly, and also has the advantage of using Zoho’s servers rather than relying on iCloud. In this way, Notebook helps you keep your personal life separate from work life.

Apple does not support RSS in Safari: maybe he wants us to pay to read all the news? Then it’s really time for Apple to put the link to RSS Feeds within Safari! While we wait, you can definitely use the RSS Button extension for Safari: This way, you can discover and subscribe to the news feeds of your choice.

This extension does its job really well and allows you to never miss single news!

Minimal Consent

Minimal Consent

Their privacy is a topic that is particularly close to our hearts: protecting it is a categorical imperative, especially as the world becomes more and more “connected”. In this sense, the General Data Protection Regulation (Gdpr) is fundamental because it guarantees transparency and rules to protect personal privacy. The problem is represented by the different tools with which the websites apply warnings required by the GDPR: how boring is having to click, every time, on those big banners to accept cookies?

Well, Minimal Consent automates this annoying process. This extension for Safari accepts only essential cookies and saves you time and protects your privacy while browsing the internet. However, we recommend that you use Minimal Consent in conjunction with the tools for Apple’s privacy (present in the browser) and with the extension DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials.


With over 35 million users, Todoist is the award-winning extension used in thousands of companies. It is a task management tool that can work across multiple platforms. Todoist offers a wide range of features for planning, the assignment of priorities, and cooperation.

Their Premium version (€ 2.53 per month) also helps you stay focused and focused on your work by awarding you points for completing tasks. Todoist also integrates with a series of apps popular like Dropbox, Trello, Slack, Gmail is IFTTT and is capable of running on virtually all platforms.

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