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Clipt, the new app to share clipboard between Android and Windows, macOS or Linux


Clipt is an app developed by OneLab, a team within OnePlus that works on new apps. What it offers us is the ability to send content between devices. Something that many of us do by sending a message, either from WhatsApp or Telegram to ourselves, OnePlus wants to do it with its own app. In a simple way and saving us time, achieving according to the company increase our productivity.

Clipt is currently available for Android, and the Chrome browser on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. The iOS version is currently in development. Among the advantages, in addition to allowing text to be copied, we can use it to send images and even files. We understand that when using Google Drive there should not be a limit on the files we can send.

As far as text is concerned, Clipt also has a history of items recently copied to our clipboard.

Regarding availability, it seems that it will not be necessary for the moment to have a device from the company to use this new app. We can find and download Clipt on Google Play, completely free.

In order for the app to communicate with our computer, we will also have to download the Google Chrome extension called Clipt, which is also free.


Regarding privacy in something as sensitive as our clipboard, the company affirms that the information is sent using our Google Drive account (That is why it is important that we use the same email account on both devices) so that it has Google Cloud security.

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