How to switch from Developer Build to Stable Build on ChromeOS Flex

In order to run ChromeOS Flex on older hardware, you must first download and install ChromeOS. Older than five to ten years old PCs and laptops. In February of this year, Google introduced ChromeOS Flex. There are numerous methods for you to participate in the development of the operating system.

If you’ve been using the developer builds of ChromeOS Flex, you can now upgrade to Google’s stable build of ChromeOS Flex, which was ultimately released in July 2017. Version 103.0.5060.114 of ChromeOS Flex is the most recent stable version. Here, you will learn how to switch from a ChromeOS flex developer build to a ChromeOS flex stable build.

The ChromeOS Flex developer build no longer has any faults or bugs. They are, after all, meant for testing and are expected to have minor to large flaws in them. But now that the stable version has been released, you no longer need to stay on the developer build. So, if you’d like to move to ChromeOS Flex’s stable builds, this is the process for you to follow.

How to  Move the ChromeOS Flex channel to the stable one

You’ll need to make a full backup of your data before making the transfer to ChromeOS Flex’s stable version. Images, audio and video files, and documents are all examples of this data. It will also uninstall any apps that you have installed on the device. In a nutshell, when you switch ChromeOS Flex to stable, the device will be reset to factory settings.

ChromeOS Flex developer version 104 will be replaced by ChromeOS Flex Stable version 103 in this guide. Follow these instructions to get started.

1 . Make a WiFi or Ethernet connection to the internet on your ChromeOS Flex device.

2. The app drawer symbol is located to the left of the shelf; tap or click it.

3. Select Settings while the app drawer is open and scroll down.

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Select Settings while

4. When you’re in the Settings app, click About ChromeOS on the left-hand side of the page.

About ChromeOS

5. You’ll see the software update screen on your right, with a few options below it.

6. Change the channel by clicking on Additional Details.

7. Stable, Beta, and Developer are now available options. Stable is the best choice.

Stable is the best choice

8. Change Channel and Powerwash are located at the bottom of the screen. To access it, simply click on the button.

ChromeOS Flex Stable Update can be downloaded here.

  • Return to the About ChromeOS page after viewing the channel page.
  • The operating system that is now running ChromeOS Flex 104 Dev will immediately begin downloading the most recent stable version of ChromeOS Flex, which is 103.
  • After the download is finished, you will be prompted to do a powerwash so that it can install the stable version of ChromeOS Flex.
  • Your smartphone will now restart, and it will take you back to the screen where you set it up.
  • In addition to being required to sign in with your Google Account, you will have the ability to select the language and the area.
  • You can verify that your ChromeOS Flex is operating the most recent stable version of the Flex OS by going to the Settings page after the installation has been finished. You will see this information.


Here’s how to transition from ChromeOS Flex dev to stable. The process is simple, but if you have a lot of files on the device, it may take a few extra minutes to backup them to a cloud storage service or external drive. This article should help you transition ChromeOS flex to stable.


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