Subway Surfers closes only solution

Do you play Subway Surfers daily and the game closes only at all times? Well, it’s time to solve this problem to continue enjoying this fun endless run for Android.While It is not a very common mistake, there are thousands of users with phones with Android 7.0 or lower than experience this inconvenience almost constantly. If you are one of them, Continue reading to find out what the solution is.

If Subway Surfers closes alone, you must do the following

Before showing you the solution to this problem, We recommend you check if you have the latest Subway Surfers update. You can see this from the Play Store app, and in case you do not have the game updated, you will be able to update it. If this does not solve the problem, you must perform the following steps:

  • Within the settings of your mobile, you must click on the option that says Apps and notifications. It should be mentioned that this option could also be displayed under the name Applications.
  • Therefore, you must click on Subway Surfers (can be displayed under the name of Subway Surf).
  • Now, you must enter the option that says Storage.
  • Finally, click on the button Clear cache memory. This option will not delete your data or anything like that, all it does is erase all the junk content that the app saves on your mobile.

This should solve the problem that causes the unexpected and sudden closure of the Subway Surfers game. If it persists, we recommend you uninstall the game and download it again. Some users have commented that this solves the problem, although sometimes the progress obtained by the player within the game is lost.

Are Subway Surfers still closing?

Download Subway Surfers APK "width =" 1200 "height =" 708If after doing the tutorial that we showed you before, and even having uninstalled and downloaded the game, it remains in trouble, because you must download some version in APK format.

You can download it from the link we leave at the end of this paragraph. Of course, installing an APK file is very different from when you install an app from the Play Store, so we recommend you follow this tutorial to install it correctly.

Link | Subway Surfers APK