Spy Camera PRO: Free Downlaod [Google Play]

Spy Camera PRO: Free Downlaod 

A spy camera for Android. With this application, you can take pictures or record videos secretly without anyone knowing.

Have you ever wanted to record someone or something without having the screen showing what is being recorded? Spy Camera allows you to do this with ease.

unnamed3 300x300 Spy Camera PRO: Free Downlaod [Google Play]

This project is based on open source (Apache 2.0 license) Spy Camera OS project. Please email me if you want to view the source code of the project. Very easy and simple to use is really an effective solution to record fotogafrace, and document everything as much as possible while maintaining anonymity.Naturalemnte the application is totally free

unnamed2 180x300 Spy Camera PRO: Free Downlaod [Google Play]

You can download  Spy Camera PRO for free by clicking on the badge below:
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