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How To Add And Setup Subtitles On Kodi With OpenSubtitles

Kodi makes streaming media more enjoyable with its complete support for subtitles and built-in features. Whether you’re watching videos, TV shows, and movies, playing live TV, listening to the radio, or playing games – Kodi has it all.

To make sure your viewing experience is as pleasant as possible, subtitles are an indispensable part of entertainment for many viewers and luckily, they can be used in combination with media playback on Kodi.


However, to fully take advantage of subtitles on Kodi you’ll need to dive into the settings to enable them and install add-ons from providers.

Some popular video addons already have automated subtitle capabilities which come in handy but if you need more control over your selection process then the manual installation is available so that you can get precisely the right subtitles for your videos.

Kodi users have the option to enable subtitles within the platform. This helpful feature allows viewers to watch their favorite shows and movies with subtitles in any language. To get started, refer to this guide on how to install and add subtitles in Kodi. With these simple instructions, you’ll be able to enjoy all your content with subtitles!

How to add subtitles on Kodi

To enable subtitles on Kodi when streaming your movie or TV show, you’ll first need to turn on the subtitles feature, set your preferred language and select a subtitle provider. With this setup in place, downloading and enjoying subtitles during streaming should be no problem.

Install OpenSubtitles addon is one the best subtitle providers available and is offered for free.

To use it with Kodi, the first step is to create an account on the website. To do this, click on the Register button.

Fill in all the fields and click Register

Add pictures. Fill in all the fields and click Register

To confirm that all processes are complete, an email will be sent to the provided address; please check it and validate. Afterward, return to the Kodi menu and obtain the OpenSubtitles addon from System Settings.

Launch Kodi, access your settings from the System Settings icon, and then you are done with the OpenSubtitles website set-up for use on Kodi.

System Settings

Click on the Add-ons package installer

Add-ons Package Installer button.

Select Install from repository

Install from repository

Select Kodi addon Repository. This is the official Kodi add-ons store by the way
Kodi addon Repository
  • Scroll down and select Subtitles
  • In the long list of service providers find OpenSubtitles
  • Click Install
  • Wait a few seconds, a pop-up in the top right of the screen will tell you when the add-on is installed.

addon is installed

Access the add-on now to configure it.

Basically, all you have to do is enter your login information. Click OK after entering your OpenSubtitles account and password.

Enable and setup Subtitles on the Kodi player

Now that you have installed the subtitles provider, you can get Kodi ready to use subtitles in playback. Let’s take a look at your Player settings. From there, you can choose to adjust the player’s settings.

Then, select Language>>> Subtitles >>> and set your Preferred subtitles language

How To Add And Setup Subtitles On Kodi With OpenSubtitles

How To Add And Setup Subtitles On Kodi With OpenSubtitles

Go down the same page to locate the Download services:

Download services

Language to download subtitles for >>> your preferred language

 Default TV Shows service >>> Select

Default Movie service >>> Select

As a result, whenever you play a video or a movie, OpenSubtitles and Kodi players are ready to display subtitles for you. For you to display subtitles, there is one more quick step that will be described below.

How to show subtitles in a video

Subtitles must now be explicitly enabled on the player interface whenever you play a movie, a TV show, or any other video, whether it comes from a local file or an online source like video add-ons.

When the video begins to play, select the subtitles option from the player’s bottom menu by clicking on it.

How to show subtitles in a video

Subtitles settings window pops up, select Download subtitle…

Download subtitle

Choose one from the list of possible subtitles that will appear in a few seconds.

How To Add And Setup Subtitles On Kodi With OpenSubtitles

You can now watch your movie with subtitles now that it is complete.

movie with subtitles.

Remember that you can manually search for subtitles as well. To get subtitles for a film or movie, all you have to do is click on the Manual search string button and enter the title. then press OK.

You might occasionally need to look for subtitles from a different source if the ones you discover are not properly timed with your video. Even the offset time can be changed to achieve flawless audio and video synchronization.

offset time

Congratulation. Subtitles can now be displayed anytime you need them on your Kodi. Simply carry out the instructions above, set up your preferred language, and take pleasure.

Foreign languages won’t ever be a barrier to your enjoyment of media. To prevent copyright infringement issues, you should always make sure your VPN is connected.

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