How to set up Philips TAT1235 TWS earphones

How to set up Philips TAT1235 TWS earphones

The Philips TAT1235 headphone has a range of 6 hours of music playback and an additional 12 hours with recharges from the charging case. Its connection is wireless, which means it uses Bluetooth to pair with a device. Once paired, you can listen to music, answer phone calls, and use the phone’s virtual assistant.

So, if you just purchased the Philips TAT1235 Bluetooth headset and you want to know how to pair it with your cell phone or tablet, just follow the steps below. After performing the procedure, check out all the instructions on how to use the controls on the headphones and more information about charging time and battery usage.

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1. How to pair Philips TAT1235 headphones with a cell phone?

Before starting, make sure the earbuds are fully charged. If not, place them in the charging case and charge the battery for 2 hours. This will optimize battery capacity and life.

Method 1:

Step 1: Remove the earbuds from the charging case to put them in “Pairing Mode”. This should happen when the light on the right earphone flashes white and blue alternately and the left earphone flashes blue every 10s.

How to set up Philips TAT1235 TWS earphones

Note: If the headphones do not enter pairing mode, press and hold both buttons at the same time until the lights start flashing.

Step 2: Now that the headphones are in pairing mode, let’s connect them to your device. Go to the Bluetooth page on your cell phone or tablet and activate the function.

Step 3: After activating Bluetooth, wait for Philips headphones to be detected, you can see them in the “Available devices” section under the name “Philips TAT1235”. Tap to get started.

Step 4: A pop-up window will open asking you to pair the headphones. Tap “Ok” and wait for the process to complete. If prompted for a password, enter “0000” and confirm.

Step 5: After the headphones are connected to your cell phone, you will be able to view in the paired devices section, call information, audio, and the current battery level.

Note: If you need to make changes to your headphones configuration, tap the gear icon located on the side.
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Method 2:

  • Download and install the “ Philips Headphones ” application on your mobile phone.
  • Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Still on the BT screen, tap on “Philips TAT1235”, located in the “Available devices” section.
  • In the pop-up that opens, tap “Ok” to confirm pairing.
  • Finally, open the app and select the headphones to complete the procedure.

2. How to use Philips TAT1235 headphone controls?

How to set up Philips TAT1235 TWS earphones

After pairing, you can control music or answer a call by simply tapping the ear points. Check out below how to use the multifunctional buttons on the headphones:

On/ Off :

  • Turn on headphones: remove the headphones from the case or press and hold them for 3 seconds.
  • Turn off headphones: put the headphones in the case or press and hold (at the same time) the headphone buttons for 5 seconds.

Control music:

  • Play or stop a song: Tap once on the left or right earbud.
  • Play the next song: press and hold the left earphone for 2 seconds.
  • Play the previous song: press and hold the right earphone for 2 seconds.

Control calls:

  • Answer or end a call: Tap the right or left earpiece once.
  • Reject a call: press and hold the left or right earpiece for 1 second.

Voice assistant:

  • Activate Google or Siri virtual assistant: tap 2 consecutive left or right earphones.

3. How to charge Philips TAT1235 headphones and their case?

How to set up Philips TAT1235 TWS earphones

According to the manufacturer, the Philips TAT1235 headphones can play up to 6 hours of music and an additional 12 hours with the help of the charging case, that is, you can recharge it twice more. For phone calls, the battery life is 4 hours + an additional 8 hours with the case.

  • Put the earphones inside the case, the white light will turn on indicating charging.
  • To charge the case, connect one end of the USB cable to the device and the other end to the power supply, the blue or red will light up on the front panel.

How long does it take to charge the headphones and case?

To fully charge the headphones, it is necessary to leave them charging in the case for approximately an hour and a half. As for the charging case, you need to leave it connected to the power supply for about four hours.

4. How to know the battery level (earphones and case)

  • The earbuds are fully charged when the white light goes out.
  • The case is fully charged when the blue light remains steady.

More information:

  • Headphones connected to a device: the white light remains off, while the light flashes blue every 10s.
  • Headphones on: white light flash 3 times.
  • Headphones in pairing mode: the light flashes alternately in white and blue.
  • Low battery headphones: white light blinks 2 times.
  • Charged case: blue light stopped.
  • Charging case: blue light flashing.
  • Low battery case: red light.

5. How to reset Philips TAT1235 headphones?

If the headphones start having some kind of problem, such as loss of connection or no audio, you can follow the steps below to reset them to factory defaults.

  1. Go to your cell phone’s Bluetooth page and remove the connection with the headphones
  2. Once this is done, disable the cell phone’s Bluetooth function.
  3. Then place the earphones inside the charging case (the lights will remain on white).
  4. With the earbuds still in the case, press and hold the buttons at the same time for 4 seconds.
  5. When the headphone lights flash white twice, release it and the reset is done.

Now your Philips TAT1235 headphones are ready to be paired again. To do this, just activate the Bluetooth on your cell phone again and follow the steps to make a connection.

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